International Women's Day

Author Long's Staff
Date Mar 8, 2022
Happy International Women's Day! Long’s is honored to highlight these amazing designers, showcasing what makes them special and what International Women's Day means to them.

Long’s Jewelers is proud to carry the collections of Emily Armenta, Sia Taylor, Penny Preville, Priti Patel, Suzy Landa, and so many other women designers. Each of these designers has a profound dedication to their craft. They are also equally as dedicated to the missions behind their brands.

Meet The Designers

Emily Armenta

“I would like to take a moment to pause and recognize women around the world. This is a day to shine the light on the achievements of women. Even in the face of great obstacles, women have been able to achieve profound success that can be seen in artistic expression, political advancements, and social and environmental initiatives, along with many other great accomplishments.

The biggest challenges that we face are fear and self-doubt. Let's stand strong and face our fears, be confident in ourselves and our unique ability to be an agent for positive change. Look to the women around the world who have been triumphant in the face of insurmountable obstacles which made success seem impossible. But yet, they made it and achieved the impossible.

This is not a time to be quiet but a time to be bold. With clarity of vision, determination, and the passion to work hard every day we can forge a new path and achieve our dreams.

I am proud to be a mother, wife, entrepreneur, friend, artist, and driver towards change. I am grateful to celebrate this day with all the other women around the world.

I look forward to building a future of equality and standing strong together.” 

Sia Taylor

Occupied with all things tiny and natural, Sia Taylor brings the beauty of the little things to your jewelry style. After studying Fine Arts and Sculpture from the Royal College in London, Sia Taylor set out on a research mission in Africa. During her time in the Okavango Delta, Taylor focused her work on the small things in life, taking inspiration for her sculptures from seeds, pods, grass blades, and insects.

“I imagine how it would feel if the falling rain turned to gold, or how it would feel to wear shimmering grasses around your wrists. I hope to capture that sensation – so something reminiscent of it, rather than literal. Movement is very important in my pieces. I try to capture intangible things – fleeting moments – and make them into something to be worn or held.”

Throughout Sia Taylor’s collections, you’ll find a mixture of colored golds. Her commitment to stay away from gemstones and create pieces solely using metals helps her collections stand out. Everything in her collections is hand-crafted in her England-based studios in Somerset and Bristol. Sia Taylor’s designs are just as beloved by women in the UK as women in the US.


Penny Preville

"Jewelry is my passion. It's the way I express myself. When I was little we would visit my Grandmother every Sunday. I would sneak into her room where she kept the most beautiful jewelry box that looked like a bejeweled treasure chest. Inside I found gemstones, diamond chains and gold creations from Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef and more. Each piece represented a story from my Grandmother's life. That was the beginning of my love affair with jewelry.

I'm inspired by the world around me, different periods in history, past cultures, ancient civilizations, architecture, the meaning and lore of stones, nature, and the cosmos. I romance these designs and make them feel fresh and modern for the lifestyle of today's women. 

My path to becoming a successful jewelry designer was very much a journey. In the beginning a branded designer jewelry was a new concept for jewelry stores and our industry. I have grown so much throughout the process and have been inspired by customers and collectors along the way. 

To me jewelry is the ultimate expression of love. It expresses a woman's personality and has a sentimental value like no other luxury item. Jewelry evokes emotion, memories and marks moments in our lives. Every day my goal is to create jewelry that transforms you and becomes a part of your life story.”

Priti Patel

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate being a woman, acknowledging all the great women who have and still are making the world a better place, and empowering all the young girls and women for the future. It is a day to reflect how far we as women have come and how far we still have to go.

Priti Patel is principal designer and owner of Priti Design Co. Her jewelry is a reflection of her personal style and background, combining influences from her heritage, travels, and discerning eye. Each collection juxtaposes styles that are feminine and edgy, combining delicate silhouettes with bold details. Each piece is meticulously crafted by Priti and her team of expert craftsmen. Her pieces are worn by everyday men and women, as well as influential people from all walks of life, including Fortune 500 CEOs, Grammy award winning artists, Hollywood stars and starlets, and professional athletes.

Suzy Landa

A series of happy accidents: that’s how designer Suzy Landa describes the journey that took her little tinkering hobby and turned into the label of “Rising Star” at the very JCK Las Vegas show in 2004. Landa is not shy about her lifelong love for at-home arts and crafts. Throughout her life, she’s created everything from sculptures to kinetic mobiles to embroidered pillows. Today, Landa’s jewelry designs pay homage to her 1960s-70s childhood, featuring minimalist designs with bold colored gemstones--all of which she makes right here in the US.

“My collection is made entirely in New York City. I have worked with the same jeweler and setter since the very beginning – when he rescued a piece I was having trouble finishing properly in a metalsmithing class. Though I no longer sit at the bench myself, I have an understanding of the whole fabrication process, and in supervising production. I’m very scrutinizing about the way pieces are constructed. I still personally hand pick and match every stone for every piece.”

Inspired by modern art and mid-century designs, Landa prefers to make one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to a woman’s sense of style and beauty. Something she’s accomplished by going against mainstream designers and trends.

“My goal is to have a woman love my piece in ten years as much as she loves it on the first day she wore it.”


In honor of these women, we have curated a special collection to celebrate International Women's Day.



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