5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Necklace Stack

Author Veronica Rose
Date Oct 21, 2021

These days it's all about nailing the perfect stack whether it's your favorite rings, a cute pair of bracelets or - you guessed it - your go to layered necklaces. Now, you might not know the best way to layer or make your favorite staple pieces work with each other but that's where we come in! Let us be your guide as we take you through all the different combinations of necklace pairings that will look great no matter what!

Switch Up The Texture

To add definition to your layered necklaces, it is best to switch up the texture by using pieces of different sizes, weights, and styles. This means pairing dainty chains with chunky pendants or other chunky chains, incorporating some paperclip links and throwing a different styled chain in there like the herringbone necklace above. Herringbone necklaces are extremely popular right now and with the link chain overlapping it with the diamond dog tag pendant, there is just enough texture and sparkle that makes this pretty stack work.

Lots of Links

This necklace stacking guide wouldn't be complete without some link chains in the mix! Paperclip links are so popular right now with people incorporating them in their stacks of pendants or layering them together and wearing them on their own like in the photo above.

Get The Right Length

When you have more than one necklace, you always want to make sure you get the right length. It's okay for some to overlap one another but it is best to avoid that by having each necklace lay on on your neck at a different point. In the photo above you can see the choker sits high and close to the neck, the diamond pendant creates some definition sitting in the middle, and the disc pendant hangs low for a look that's cool and still symmetrical.

Make it Personal

Now that you've nailed the right length and texture, it's time to get creative and make it more you. Who doesn't love a personalized necklace stack? Adding a little part of yourself to your jewelry has never been more popular and layering in a personalized piece to your stack can be cute and trendy. In the photo above, you can see the heart pendant pairs perfectly with the dainty "Mama" necklace as it needs that chunky heart to add some bulk/definition and the link chain to add some texture.

Add Some Color

Another way to personalize your necklace stack or even just to make it stand out is to add in a colored gemstone to make it pop. Adding color to your look is fun and incorporating a gemstone into your layered necklaces is a way to make it trendy too! Nothing makes a colorful pendant stand out better than accentuating it with some layers of gold and diamonds.

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