7 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021


It's that time of year again. The time where you have to figure out the perfect gift to give your significant other that they will absolutely love. But the thing is, there are so many different options out there to choose from! Where are you supposed to start looking and how much are you expected to spend?

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, and the much-anticipated Black Friday, the window of time that you have left to buy your significant other a gift is slowly closing. So, if you've decided to get the special woman in your life a piece of jewelry for this upcoming holiday season, it's time to start narrowing down some options.

Jewelry is very subjective, and you want to make sure you get her something that she'll want to wear often and love wearing. Here are some of the most important things to consider before you splurge on a piece of jewelry:

1. Budget is important to establish from the beginning

This one may seem like an obvious one, but going in to a store without a certain budget in mind isn't always the best idea. You could end up getting caught up in the moment and purchasing something that is really a stretch on your budget. It's very easy to forget your set budget when you are buying a jewelry gift.

Don't just settle on something for the sake of finishing the shopping process. We know it can be a little daunting to find that perfect gift sometimes, but you'll feel relieved when you know you've found the right piece at a price that you are comfortable with. Before you go shopping, do a little research online first to see the selection of product in the store to make sure you are comfortable with the prices.

2. If she is fashionable, make sure the gift is "in season"

There are many women who desire jewelry gifts that are in season and match the latest jewelry trends. A good way of knowing if she prefers something in season is to think about her wardrobe and other accessories. Does she tend to buy clothes often and ones that are trendy rather than ones she wears for countless years? If so, it might be a good idea to take a look at the fashion trends in jewelry for this upcoming season.

We've created a list of the top jewelry trends for the 2014 holiday season. Click here to see how you can follow the trends and buying her a jewelry piece that she'll love.

6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless

3. Find out what she currently wears and what she might be missing from her collection

We never would condone snooping around her possessions. But, perhaps taking a small peek inside of her jewelry box would be alright, for gift research purposes. If you are at a loss for what she needs for the holidays, assess what she currently has in her jewelry collection and try to identify any major gaps.

Maybe you'll noticed that she doesn't have a ton of earrings in her jewelry box. So, earrings may be a perfect gift because she doesn't have many other options to choose from. This is a great way to try to get her a piece of jewelry that she will wear more often.

4. Pay attention to any hints she may be dropping

Women don't tend to be as upfront with their desired holiday list. Many women want to be surprised by a gift, but that doesn't stop us from dropping subtle hints along the way. While this might seem counter intuitive to a surprise gift, any subtle hints given about desired gifts are incredibly important, especially if it'll be an expensive purchase.

Has she commented on jewelry that other women have worn? Or something she saw on TV? She may or may not be doing this purposely, but there is some valuable information that you could be gathering if you pay attention to these comments.

5. Take a look at her Pinterest page or other social accounts for ideas

A lot of women use Pinterest, especially to make "boards" with gifts that they'd love to receive. You'd be surprised by how much you could find out if you took a peek at her Pinterest account. She may even have a board that has a collection of pictures that fit under her favorite style of jewelry.

6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless

Other social media accounts could also hold clues as to what she likes in jewelry. Maybe she's following a certain designer or has Tweeted or posted about something related to what she likes in jewelry. She may even have shared pictures of jewelry pieces that she admires that other people have posted. Social media accounts could be a rich source of information for you to go out and find her that perfect gift.

6. Find a good return policy

One detail that is often overlooked when it comes to purchasing any jewelry gift is the return policy of the store. For whatever reason if she doesn't love the piece or if you change your mind about the gift, you want a good return policy so you can easily return or exchange the gift.

Some stores don't offer return policies or have policies that might not be ideal for your situation. For instance, if you aren't very close to the store where you bought the piece from, you might want an extended amount of time to be able to return the gift.

Make sure you look into the return policy or ask for the details of the policy before you commit to any jewelry purchase.

7. Getting something sentimental is always a great option

Our last piece of advice is, when in doubt, go with a piece of jewelry that is sentimental. Everyone loves receiving a gift that has sentimental value associated with it. Perhaps it's both of your birthstones on a chain or a locket with pictures inside of it. There are many fashionable lockets that you can buy today that make great accessories.

6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless

You could also look for a charm or engrave a pendant with words or pictures that are meaningful. There are a ton of great options for you to go with if you decide you want to customize her jewelry.

6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless 6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless6 Holiday Jewelry Gift Tips For The Clueless


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