5 Must-Have Graduation Gifts He Will Actually Use

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Spring is finally here, and we couldn't be more excited. The temperature is starting to get warmer, plants are popping up where snow once sat, and ohh yeah... school is almost out for summer!

For most young men this means a few months of freedom before they start their next school year in the fall. But for those who are graduating, this marks the beginning of the next stage in their lives. Whether it be a senior in high school who is about to say goodbye to home and start his new life at college, or a college senior who is about to join the work force, their graduation is a major mile stone in their lives.

If there is someone special in your life that is graduating this spring, make a lasting impression with a gift that is meant to last. To help you come up with the perfect gift idea, we've made this list of gift suggestions. You are sure to find the perfect gift for any young man on any budget, so check it out and get ready for a heartfelt thank you card:

Visconti Pens

Price: $155 - $995

Graduation Gift Visconti Pen

Giving a young man an essential item makes for a great graduation gift. A quality pen is a perfect example of something that every man needs but most don't buy for themselves.

Here are a few examples of Visconti pens. Visconti is a leader in fine writing instruments and their revolutionary travel inkwell allows you to fill your pen on the go with no mess. They offer a wide selection of pens made in various designs with different nib's and filling types. Come into Long's to try one out and see how easy writing with a Visconti can be.

Money Clips

Price $165 || Featured SKU: MC0303

5 Must-Have Graduation Gifts He Will Actually Use - Money Clip Graduation Gift Money Clip

Every man should carry around a wallet or money clip to keep their bills neatly folded while they're out. Many people don't consider what their wallet says about them, and how he carries his money and takes care of his wallet could say a lot about him as a person to any potential employers.

Picture this: A young man is meeting with a potential employer he is trying to impress. He has made the extra effort to put on a nice outfit and iron his shirt, but when he goes to pay for the meal or coffee, he pulls out the velcro sealed canvas wallet he's had for years and his professional image is now smeared.

Send your graduate into the next stage in his life by giving him a gift that will impress anyone he may encounter. The money clip above is made of sterling silver and features a yellow gold accent. You can give this gift as it is or customize it with an engraving in the smooth space at the end of the clip's face.

Tie Bars

Price: $75 || Featured SKU: GTB0042

5 Must-Have Graduation Gifts He Will Actually Use - Tie Clip

Graduation Gifts Tie Bars

Tie bars are a must-have accessory for the young business professional and are becoming more and more popular for men of all ages. The slim fit suit and tie are the new style of men in the business world, and the tie bar is the crucial accessory that brings this look together.

This simple tie clip is made of sterling silver and is the perfectly modest and classic. It features a smooth surface in the center of the clip that can be left as is or personalized with an engraving.

This clip is sure to last a long while and your grad will be reminded of your support whenever he is dressing up for his next formal event or job interview.

Cuff Links

Price: $350 || Featured SKU: CL0651

MB97162C_Main-363590-edited.jpg MB97162C_Model.jpg

Like the tie bar, cuff links are a great gift to give to a young man going into the work force. Not many young men can pull off cuff links, but that's because not many young guys own a good pair. Giving cuff links as a gift will help set your grad apart from the pack when it comes time to suit up and take on whatever challenge he is facing.

The pair featured above are the Classic Chain Square Cuff Links by John Hardy. The bordering chain pattern is a trademark of Hardy's most iconic collection and enhances the modern appearance of the square cufflinks. This is a great starter cuff link pair that he will keep for the rest of his life.

Luxury Timepiece

Price: $1,450 || Featured SKU: GBW4214 || Tag Heuer: Formula 1 (42mm)

5 Must-Have Graduation Gifts He Will Actually Use - Luxury Timepiece

There is no gift that you can give a young man upon his graduation that is more classic than a watch. A watch is traditionally given from a father to his son, but today less expensive watches can make a great gift from anyone.

There used to be a time when everyone wore a watch because it was a necessity. In today's cell phone dependent world, most young men don't own a nice timepiece that will last them for many years to come. Giving your grad a watch that is built to last is sure to be a unique gift that will resonate with him.

At Long's, we have a wide variety of watches from 14 different luxury brands. Between these brands, there is a wide price range that is fit for any budget. If you plan on purchasing a watch, we recommend that you set up an appointment with one of our watch specialists so they can work with you to find the one perfect for your needs.

Explore our large collection of watches and accessory gifts that are perfect for a grad-to-be!

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