Four Ways to Personalize Your Favorite Fashion Jewelry

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021

DSC_7685edit-crop-827898-edited When you’re gifting someone a piece of jewelry, you’re doing it because you really care about the person and you have something in particular you want to communicate or celebrate. And while the gift is special on its own, you can make it even more memorable by personalizing it.

Even if you’re not buying jewelry as a gift, but instead want to treat yourself to something unique, personalized jewelry is still very much the in thing when it comes to accessorizing in a way that separates you from the crowd.

Not sure where to get started when it comes to creating a piece of personalized jewelry? Take a look at four ways the jewelry world is embracing personalization like never before.

Personalized Pendants


Pendant necklaces are a big trend in fashion jewelry right now, and while some can be bought with generic, cutesy phrases or messages, it’s easy to add a little extra something that makes the pendant perfect for that one person rather than for the masses.

The Zoe Chicco jewelry line allows you to custom create the pendant necklace in its entirety: from the length of the chain to the specific charms you can add on, like initials or birthstone gems.



Engraving is one of the most classic ways to make items personal. With the ability to engrave cutting boards and cutlery for newlyweds or customizing a special picture frame for mom and dad, it’s a small, subtle way to add something personal to an item without compromising the design or functionality.

When it comes to jewelry, even the smallest surfaces, like the inside of a ring or bracelet or even a pair of cufflinks, can be engraved with a special message. It’s the perfect chance to keep a significant date, initials or coordinates close to you.

And you might be thinking engraving will drive up the cost of the jewelry since it isn’t sold off the floor like that, but this isn’t always true. If you purchase a piece of jewelry at a Long’s Jewelers location, personalized engraving is almost always included in the cost.



Speaking of birthstones, you can always customize a piece of jewelry to include your birthstone or the birthstone of the person you’re shopping for. This subtle pop of color celebrates a special month and immediately personalizes the piece of jewelry for that specific individual.

Whether it’s a simple pair of studs or a gemstone in the middle of a fashion ring or necklace, birthstone jewelry is always special. We only get one day to ourselves all year, right?



Lockets have that vintage-inspired feel as it is, so they are the perfect accessory to symbolize something timeless that will always stay close to your heart (literally). Monica Rich Kosann lockets can be personalized with engraving or by adding a special photo inside, and there are so many different styles of lockets out there to meet your personal style on the outside, too.

And if a brand new locket isn’t for you, shop around to find a vintage locket that you can turn into your own by placing a personal photo on the inside. That way, you’re taking a piece from history and writing your story to go along with it.

When it’s time to get creative and shop for personalized fashion jewelry, browse our selection of lockets, birthstone jewelry and engravable pieces by visiting Long’s Jewelers online or in-store at one of our five locations.

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