Unique Father's Day Gifts He'll Wear Forever

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

In case you forgot, Father's Day is quickly approaching this year! The good news is that you have plenty of time to pick out a gift that he will genuinely love.

I'll be the first to admit that finding a gift for Father's Day is no easy task. Once I hit the age where hand painted mugs stopped being cute, I moved on to neck ties, golf accessories, and at my lowest point I even gave him a Dunkin Donuts gift card. I was just like every other son who wanted to give their dad something nice but had no clue what would make him happy.

Well this year I'm changing my ways. And, I'm here to give some guidance on gifts that I've found that I know any dad would be excited to receive and show off with pride: a gift that's thoughtful and built to last, that will always let him know how much I appreciate him. So if you're ready to show up your siblings, get ready to make this a Father's Day he will always remember with our favorite gifts for the year:

Tie Bar

Unique Favorite Father's Day Gifts He'll Wear Forever - Tie Clip

I know I'm not alone when I say that there are some days when my dad really dresses like a dad. You know the outfits that I'm talking about... the classic T-shirt tucked into jeans or running shoes with an outfit that he clearly isn't going for a run in. Probably the worst out of all of his outfits though is this one loose fitting suit from the 90's that he keeps around, like he's just waiting for it to come back in style.

So for Father's Day this year, I'm planning on giving my old man's wardrobe a youthful upgrade with a slim fit tie and tie bar. These two accessories are essentials in the modern gentleman's wardrobe, and I'm hoping it will inspire him to throw out that baggy old suit (or at least get it tailored).

Opt for a tie bar that is simple but elegant, which is a look that every man can pull off. There is also room for you to personalize it with an engraving, which can make the gift feel more thoughtful.

Shinola Watch

Father's Day Gifts Shinola Runwell Watch

Featured: Shinola Runwell 47mm, Black Case & Tan Strap ($600)

Right after the tie bar, my second choice for a Father's Day gift would have to be a new watch. I liked the idea of getting a watch because, like my dad's wardrobe, his watch collection could use a youthful addition to it as well. If you don't follow watch trends, one of the biggest trends in the past decade has been a increase the size of the watch every year. To give you a point of reference, average size of a men's timepiece was between 37mm and 39mm in the 1990's. Today, these sizes are considered to be on the low end for men's watches as the stylish big face watches have taken over the market.

I picked the Shinola watch for three main reasons: it's got incredible build quality that is accurate and made to last a lifetime, my dad would love the fact that the watch was made in America, and it would be his first "big face watch." The Runwell featured above comes in three different sizes: 36mm, 41mm, and 47mm. Although all of Shinola's watches are considered to be unisex, most men tend to like the look of the 41mm and 47mm options.

Maps By A.JAFFE Cufflinks

Father's Day Gifts cufflink mapsFather's Day Gifts cufflink maps side

Featured: Maps by A.JAFFE Sterling Silver Cuff Links With A Diamond ($295)

Do you and your father have a certain place that's meaningful to the two of you? Maybe it's the beach where he took you as a kid, a field where he first taught you how to throw a baseball, or a childhood house. Whatever your spot is, you can now commemorate it on a pair of cuff links from A. Jaffe.

The cuff links are a part of A. JAFFE's new Maps Collection, which allows you to custom design jewelry with a map of your favorite locations. You even get a small diamond that pinpoints the exact location you want on the map. You can choose to engrave both cuff links with the map, or engrave a message on one and a map on the other. It's super simple to design your map, just come into your closest Long's Jewelers store, and we can show you how it's done!

Signet Ring

Unique Favorite Father's Day Gifts He'll Wear Forever - Signet Ring Unique Favorite Father's Day Gifts He'll Wear Forever - Signet Ring

Your family's name is probably very important to your father, especially if it is the name that you and all of your sibling carry as well. A great way to remind him that you respect the family name and understand its importance is to get his name or a family crest engraved onto a signet ring.

If you are unfamiliar with signet rings, they're classified as a ring that has a flat top surface that can be custom engraved in a variety ways. Engraving your family's crest or his monogram are great ways to personalize the ring while also showing your respect for the man who makes it all possible.

Visconti Pen

Unique Favorite Father's Day Gifts He'll Wear Forever - Visconti Pens


Visconti Pens Starting At $155 (Contact for more information)

One of the best qualities of a father is the fact that they are always dependable. Knowing that no matter what life throws at you, your dad will be there to lean on is something that should never be overlooked. Being dependable isn't just something that we look for in people though, we also expect it from the products that we buy.

This Father's Day, give your dad a Visconti Pen, the most dependable writing instrument he will ever own. He will thank you when he's able to jot down notes, write letters, and sign documents with ease and style.

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