3 Essential Jewelry Looks For Any Woman In The Fashion Industry

Author Janika Salazar
Date Feb 15, 2021

Our Top Jewelry Looks For Every Woman In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is unapologetic. It’s a fascinating world of self-expression and experimentation. There are many of us whose love for fashion has become our world as well as our livelihood. In fact, the love runs so deep that within the blogging world, fashion has propelled the industry into another dimension. With that being said, when you work in the industry, you're expected to look the part.

Did you ever watch the Devil Wears Prada? Can you picture the infamous scene when Miranda schools Andy on the Cerulean colored sweater? In case you missed that part of the movie, it highlights the importance of when you choose to join the fashion world you must dress like you’re interested in fashion.

When it comes to accessorizing, it's not to be taken light heartedly! Your accessories are the finishing touches to your look, just like how your lipstick is to your makeup. It doesn’t look quite as complete without it. With fashion, your uniqueness can make or break how your outfit comes together. These are the key pieces I can suggest to establish your own style:

Our Top Jewelry Looks For Every Woman In The Fashion Industry
Featured: Mikimoto 16" 18K Tin Cup Necklace ($1,250), Monica Rich Kosann 30" 18K White Ceramic Chevron Necklace & Locket ($5,530), Roberto Coin 18K Square Rock Crystal Ring with Diamond Halo ($9,800), John Hardy Reversible 18K & Sterling Silver Classic Chain Bracelet ($3,300), Roberto Coin 18K Chic Teardrop Stud Earrings ($800)

Regardless of what you specifically choose, layering is always a must unless you opt for the bold statement look. I just love a long necklace with a pendant, such as a Monica Rich Kosann White Enamel Locket. See it pictured with a 16” Tin Cup Mikimoto Pearl Necklace for an added effect. Another perfect choice is the John Hardy Sterling Silver Macan. When wearing a powerful animal in your jewelry, you will feel the difference in your approach to fashion.

Our Top Jewelry Looks For Every Woman In The Fashion Industry
Featured: John Hardy Naga Pearl Earrings ($695)

Choosing the right pair of earrings will draw attention wanted attention to your face. Personally, I wear pearls every day. It has become my signature earring. But I just love to see women play with different earring looks. This really is an anything goes zone unless you work for a brand that you can’t go too crazy with! Otherwise, have fun with your earring choice.

Our Top Jewelry Looks For Every Woman In The Fashion Industry
Featured: John Hardy Hammered Classic Chain Cuff ($795), Ladies Breitling Colt MOP Watch ($3,730)

Lastly the perfect finishing touch to your look is a big bold cuff. Talk about definition! A cuff can add character and show off more of your personality. This is why it’s often know as a statement piece. See in sterling silver the Hammered Palu John Hardy. Alternately try something in yellow gold like…

If you’re in the fashion world, being individual is what is important with how you create your personal style. It’s definitely possible to have a jewelry style that you’re known for. Why not have fun with it? After all it is fashion! #StylebyJanika

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