4 Classic Jewelry Gifts She'll Adore [Holiday 2018]

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021


With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to find that perfect gift! There are so many new and beautiful options in jewelry for 2018 that, whether you're shopping for someone special or adding to your own wish-list, it can be hard to choose. One way you can never go wrong is by focusing on the basics. No matter where you are or what the occasion, classic studs or a diamond tennis bracelet will always be in style. Or bring in a twist to the traditional style by finding a strand of pearls complete with colorful gemstones or a stud earring with a small drop or jacket. Read on for our list of this year's must-have modern classics!

1. Earrings with a Twist

Featured: Diamond Cluster Earrings in 18k White Gold ($14,700, See in Store), Heart-Shaped Diamond Earrings in Platinum ($75,000, See in Store), Pear Shaped Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings in Platinum by Oscar Heyman ($32,000, See in Store)

Basic diamond or pearl studs will always be the elegant choice, but you can also find unique designs with details like drops or jackets. These diamond cluster earrings or heart-shaped diamond earrings give the traditional look a different shape. Hoop earrings also remain a favorite. This year, the classic hoop style is being transformed with gems that hang on loops or chains from the hoop or with diamonds set on the inner side as well as the outer, so you can sparkle from every angle!

2. Diamond Necklaces

Featured: Diamond Floral Necklace in 18k White Gold ($84,000, See in Store)

Diamonds add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and you can't go wrong with a classic diamond necklace. Try the classic riviera necklace for a bold, glittering look or opt for a station of diamonds or diamonds-by-the-yard as a simpler alternative. Our 18k white gold diamond floral necklace is sure to make a statement with its elegant and glamorous look.

3. Bangles and Bracelets

Featured: Multicolor Sapphire Diamond Bracelet in Platinum by Oscar Heyman ($110,000, See in Store), Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18k White Gold by Memoire ($37,180, See in Store), Emerald Cut Half-Bezel Diamond Bracelet in Platinum ($98,000, See in Store)

For bracelets, Chrissy Evert's riviera-style diamond line bracelet, commonly known as the tennis bracelet, remains at the forefront of classic jewelry. Stay traditional with this diamond tennis bracelet by Memoire or enhance the style with sapphires, emeralds, or a mixture of alternate gems. Oscar Heyman's multicolor sapphire diamond bracelet is perfect for a colorful look. Another option is to stack a variety of bracelets or bangles for an armful of sparkling jewels.

4. Right Hand Ring

Featured: Emerald & Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold by Tate ($55,800, See in Store), Diamond Band in 18k White Gold by Christopher Designs ($16,600, See in Store), Tourmaline & Diamond Ring in Platinum by Oscar Heyman ($42,000, See in Store)

Diamond engagement and wedding rings tend to dominate ring discussions, but you don't want to leave your right hand bare. The "Right Hand Ring" can add the perfect complement to a wedding ring or a pop of color to your hand. This diamond band by Christopher Designs is a perfect contrast to a simple solitaire on the left hand. Or find a one-of-a-kind ruby, sapphire, or emerald piece (like Tate's 18K yellow gold emerald and diamond ring) to give you a unique look with a classic stone that's sure to never go out of style.

Which piece do you want to add to your holiday wish list? Visit us in one of our five stores or make an appointment to view more must have jewelry!

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