Time Honored Treasures [Holiday Gift Guide]

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Date Feb 15, 2021

Time Honored Treasures [Holiday Gift Guide]

Nothing stands the test of time quite like classic jewelry-this is why when celebrating life’s milestones, they are the perfect go-to. Bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings and a signature ring are jewelry you will cherish forever, especially when that jewelry is set with diamonds. These simple basics are what forms the basis of any jewelry collection, and it is even better when they are tied to special milestones or moments in life. Every time you put that statement ring or pair of diamond earrings on, the memories associated with each of those pieces is rekindled. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, a new job...these are all milestones in life that can be celebrated with the perfect classic piece.

Trends never stay stagnant and even the classics are not immune to some slight changes each year. These slight changes breathe new life and energy into our favorite classic jewelry as designers create fresh takes on new styles. An example of this would be adding an intricate toggle to a classic chain bracelet or incorporating a decorative attachment into solitaire earrings studs. Included in this blog are a few modern twists on some classic jewelry that can be worn with every outfit, gifted for any occasion and will be sure to make a home in your jewelry case or passed onto a loved one for generations to come.

1. Earrings

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Nothing accentuates that new milestone or success in your life quite like a pair of stud earrings! If you’re looking for a way to spice up this classic, you can opt for additional drops or stations of gems with removable sections. All you need to do is start with a simple stud or small huggie and go from there. Another fun way to add some sparkle and body to your go-to earring studs is by framing them with a halo of diamonds or adding in a large bezel setting.

2. Rings

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If you want a look that is uniquely your own, stacking rings is the way to go. This newly classic look creates volume and variety like no other. You can even take this a step further and set your stackable rings with birthstones to show off your own stone, celebrate a child’s birth or set each of your family member’s birthstones to always have a piece of them. In some cases, some of the newest rings and latest styles will attach single and multi-band rings together that make them look like they are multiple rings stacked together. Even diamond eternity rings can get in on the stacking trend, although they are most often used as anniversary bands which are popular for commemorating such an important and meaningful event.

3. Bracelets

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Bracelets are great for any occasion, and can be worn every day from day to night, whether it is a classic cuff or a tennis bracelet with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Bracelets are a signature piece of jewelry that is also the first thing a person sees on you as you are carrying out your tasks of the day or expressing yourself in a lively conversation. As the bracelets move with you, they become a statement piece of self-expression you never knew you needed. As with rings, the trend of stacking bracelets is also alive and well. The hottest look to follow lately is to stack bracelets of different sizes, textures, colors, you name it. Combining bracelets with unique styles and feels to them creates an eclectic look that couldn’t be more personal to you! If you want to get even more personal, give a bracelet as a gift. Because it is so trendy and easy to stack a bracelet, people love getting them as a gift to collect for special events like birthdays, anniversary’s and of course, the holidays!

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