Celebrating Milestones in Style

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

Jewelry has the power to capture the meaningful moments and milestones in our lives unlike anything else. Although things in the world may look different now, the importance of sharing intimate memories and bonds between loved ones has not changed at all-and if anything, it has become more important now than ever. No matter how we are celebrating now, every moment deserves to be commemorated with a special gift that becomes a story to be cherished and told for many years to come.



Popularly used to celebrate any occasion, diamonds are especially used for weddings and anniversaries-diamonds are forever after all! Known for being the hardest gemstone, diamonds are associated with strength, longevity and even it’s name is derived from the Latin word diamas meaning unconquerable. What most people don’t realize about diamonds is that they come in many colors including yellow, champagne and brown, all hues rising in popularity today.Believed to inspire romance, loyalty and a joyful life, it is no wonder it is the stone of choice for wedding and engagement rings.



A favorite choice for wedding gems after the diamond, sapphires inspire peace, sincerity and joy when worn. Sapphires are often used for push presents upon the birth of a baby boy or girl using either blue sapphires for a boy or pink sapphires for a girl. What a lot of people really love to do is collect stackable sapphire bands for each different celebration in their lives and wear them together. Iconic ways to wear sapphires are as earrings and bracelets in ombre or mixed color patterns as well as three-stone designs with diamonds.



Known for being classic, timeless and feminine, pearls have been evolving over the years to exude powerful, edgy and modern styles as well! Long known for being worn for weddings since the days of the early Hindus, many brides and mothers of the bride and groom will incorporate pearls into their gowns even today. In addition to being popular wedding jewelry, pearls also make for traditional graduation gifts as they are revered as a symbol of power for women in the workplace who wear them. Mixed pearls and gems on chains and long pearl strands are popular to gift friends and loved ones as well as gifting pearl drop earrings or edgy rings.

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