Boston Mother's Day Gift Guide [2018]

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021

Boston Mother's Day Gift Guide [2018]

Even for those of us who abide by the, “Every day is Mother’s Day” mantra, there’s still a celebration to be had for the mom in your life on her special day. And no, not because you have to, but because you want to show how grateful you are by giving her something to say thank you for the gift of life, support and love.

But as with any commercial holiday, there’s a list of typical or expected gifts from Edible Arrangements to a Hallmark card. One way to ensure your Mother’s Day gift stands out from the rest is to go local instead, offering a more heartfelt take on the classic gifts and giving yourself a chance to purchase something totally unique.

Take advantage of the many local businesses throughout the Boston area to find a thoughtful gift your mom can cherish forever.

1) A timeless piece from Long’s Jewelers

Boston Mother's Day Gift Guide [2018]

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If you like to show your appreciation with a big gift (say it’s a first Mother’s Day or a significant year in her life), put your funds toward something that will last a lifetime, like a piece of fine or fashion jewelry from Long’s.

For a mom who holds her family close to her heart, surprise her with a beautiful locket with a photo inside, and for something truly timeless, select a piece of pearl jewelry that she can wear every day without ever having to worry about going out of style.

2) A unique card from Lovepop

Cards are an essential for every holiday --and if your mom is the type to say she doesn’t need or want a gift, a heartfelt card is just the thing to make her feel appreciated.

Instead of hitting the big box stores for a card every mom will open that day, shop for a pop-up card at Lovepop, Boston-based greeting card company that puts a fun twist on an old tradition.

When selecting a card, think about who your mom is as a person --what does she treasure, what does she represent? And even if words aren’t your thing, find an illustration or message that is so her. Bonus points if you write your own note in there, too.

3) A cooking class at Stir Boston

Experiences are a kind of gift your mom would never think of doing for herself, but she will be so happy to receive something that will turn into a memory forever. Whether she’s the cook in the family or not, a cooking class at Stir Boston will help perfect her skills or teach her some new ones.

Plus, if you book the cooking class for two, it’s a chance for some quality bonding time without the distractions of cell phones and social media. Make an afternoon of it --snap a photo for the scrapbook and write down your favorite recipe to use back at home (or better yet, treat her to one of the beautiful cookbooks for sale).

4) A unique vintage piece from Long’s Jewelers

Boston Mother's Day Gift Guide [2018]

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Moms know better than anyone that trends always come back around in style --just ask her why she’s held on to certain sweaters and accessories from the day you were born. If your mom likes to blend those old school looks with today’s fashions, find her a piece of unique, vintage jewelry that feels one-of-a-kind.

5) A breathtaking bouquet from Winston Flowers

Everyone loves getting flowers, but it’s so much better when that bouquet is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. At Winston Flowers flagship stores in Back Bay and Chestnut Hill, you can find a beautiful house plant, a gourmet gift box or the special design of the month.

Have you ever heard your mom mention a favorite flower? If not, think about her favorite color to make her bouquet more meaningful. Ask the florist what blooms are in season and play a hand in making her Mother’s Day flowers an arrangement she won’t forget.

Putting a local touch on your Mother’s Day gift will go a long way (can you say, favorite child!), and it’ll make you feel good to give your mom a special gift that blends classic with unique and is made right here in Boston. Start your shopping now and visit a Long’s Jewelers location to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

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