10 Favorite Astley Clarke Bracelets & Their Influential Meanings

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 15, 2021

10 Favorite Astley Clarke Bracelets & Their Spirtual Meanings

Loving the newest trend of stacking and layering, mixing metals, and personalization? We've got the designer for you! Meet Astley Clarke! Astley Clarke inspires the "modern, intelligent woman to wear fashion fine jewelry every day."

Astley Clarke is speaking to a new generation of jewelry-buyers. She works to create fun and trendy charm bracelets, which she likes to call "grown up friendship bracelets." These beaded bracelets come in a variety of colors and all have a charm on the end with an important and influential meaning. They look pretty worn alone or layered together to create that pefect "arm candy" look. Astley Clarke bracelets are refined yet easy to wear, intelligent and joyful.

We love how all the charms on these bracelets have a special meaning attached to them. Take a look at our 10 favorite Astley Clarke bracelets and read about the special meaning behind them:

Midnight Lightning Bolt Biography Bracelet

midnight lightning bolt biography bracelet

This bracelet symbolizes creativity! It features hand cut blue gold-stone gemstones with a lighting bold charm embellished with white sapphires. This is a perfect bracelet for someone whose mind is always flowing with ideas, is artistic and has a one-of-a-kind imagination.

Turquoise Moon Biography Bracelet

turquoise moon biography bracelet

This bracelet symbolizes enlightenment! It features hand cut turquoise gemstones with a moon charm embellished with white sapphires. When wearing this bracelet, you get vibes of intellector spiritual light. It can also help impart knowledge on a certain situation. This is great for a spiritual person or someone that could use a little guidance in the right direction.

Amazonite Wishbone Biography Bracelet

amazonite wishbone biography bracelet

This bracelet symbolizes hope! In our opinion, this is one of the most important in the collection. With so much going on around the world, regularly having something as small as this bracelet can make you think more positively and give you hope that things can change. This bracelet has hand cut amazonite gemstones with a wishbone charm embellished with white sapphires. Make a wish with this bracelet, and maybe one day it will come true!

Cosmos Biography Bracelet

cosmos biography bracelet


This bracelet symbolizes infinity! This is the perfect bracelet for Astley Clarke's motto of "grownup friendship bracelet." You can gift this bracelet to your best friend or someone close to you in your family and have it represent that your relationship is greater than any other. It features the signature Cosmos charm that could also be used for personalizing with an initial for a special touch.

Agate Lotus Biography Bracelet

agate lotus biography bracelet


This bracelet symbolizes peace! This is something we should all instill on our lives every day. We should want peace around us and all over the world. It features hand cut white agate gemstones with a lotus charm embellished with diamonds. With this particular bracelet being white, it is the perfect to stack with any other bracelet because it matches with anything.

Labradorite Earth Element Biography Bracelet

labradorite earth element biography bracelet


This bracelet symbolizes stability. It features hand cut labradorite gemstones with faceted gold nuggets and an earth element charm. This can be a great bracelet to represent growing up, becoming more responsible and having the constant feeling that you are stable in your life.

Labradorite Star Ansie Biography Bracelet



This bracelet represents temptation! It is perfect for the girl that has some edge and lives her life to the absolute fullest. It features moonstone and labradorite gemstones (which is a rare mix) and a star ansie charm embellished with white sapphires.

Blue Agate Feather Biography Bracelet

blue agate feather biography bracelet


This bracelet symbolizes truth! It features hand cut blue agate gemstones and a feather charm embellished with three white sapphires. You can have this bracelet represent certain beliefs you have that hold a special place with you. Depending on what you believe in, this can actually become a very personal accessory.

Apatite Ginkgo Biography Bracelet

apatite ginkgo biography bracelet


This bracelet symbolizes understanding! The person wearing this bracelet is someone who is sympathetically aware of other peoples' feelings. It features apatite and green onyx gemstones with a Ginkgo Biloba charm that is embellished with small white sapphires around the edge. This can also be great for a gift to represent forgiving.

Lapis Evil Eye Biography Bracelet

lapis evil eye biography bracelet


This bracelet symbolizes wisdom! It features hand cut lapis lazuli gemstones and an evil eye charm that is embellished with white sapphires around it and turquoise in the center. Astley Clarke isn't the first designer to put the evil eye on one of her pieces; it is very popular with fashion influencers everywhere. It is believed to provide protection from evil forces. When wearing this bracelet it will not only give you protection, but give you the wisdom and knowledge for all your life surroundings.

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