Accessorize Your Watch With Stacking Bracelets

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

Let's face it, no outfit is complete without the perfect accessory or two... or five. Accessorizing has become an art form where you pick pieces that work together to fit your style, but more importantly bring your look to the next level. There's just something about finding the perfect pieces that makes you feel like a star while you walk down the street.

This summer, one of the hottest looks to rock is a watch complimented by stacked bracelets. We LOVE the look but we realize that it can be difficult to pull off if you're not used to wearing a lot of jewelry at the same time. That's probably because along with having to match your outfit, the jewelry you pick has to match your watch and other jewelry as well.

We've come up with a few tips to accessorize your watch with stacking bracelets, because we know if you try it you'll love it too. We've also used these tips and accessorized some watches of our own.

Make your watch the center piece

Even if you have a bunch of other bracelets on, when people look at your wrist, their eyes naturally tend to fall on your watch. It's the most unique item in your grouping of accessories, so people will be curious to see what you've got on.

Now that you know your watch will be the center of attention, plan your grouping around complimenting the watch and making it pop. You can do this by picking pieces that include the same color scheme, materials, gemstones, or designs.

As you'll see in the examples below, the placement of your watch will also help to establish it as the center piece of your stack. It doesn't have to fall exactly in the middle, but avoid letting your watch be the very last accessory on your wrist.

Mix in a few different sizes

Creating a stack is all about finding diverse pieces that form an eclectic group. Try to incorporate a few of these different categories, and you're sure to have a diverse group: chain bracelet, charm bracelet, cuff, bangle, bead bracelet, and gemstone bracelet.

You don't need to have one of every type of bracelet, and you're definitely allowed to have a few of the same type of bracelet. Just keep in mind when you pick out your stack that the more diverse the bracelets are, the more unique and eye catching it will be.

Order is more important than you might think

When you see someone wearing multiple bracelets, it's easy to assume that they just tossed them on with no organization. Well if you want your wrist to look as good as possible, you have to resist the urge to just throw everything on and take some time to plan out the order. It may take a few tries to find the order that you like the best, but a full day of looking amazing is worth the 2 minutes of experimenting.

The best order to use will vary on a case to case basis, as it all depends on what other bracelets you want to include in your stack. There are however two rules that hold true for every grouping: don't wear two large bracelets next to each other, and don't place pieces next to each other that can easily tangle.

Our stacks:

I said it earlier and I'll say it again, accessorizing is an art form. When done right, your accessories will not only look amazing, but will also be telling of your personality. That's why when we picked out watches and their matching accessories, we did it with specific personalities in mind. With that being said, no two people are alike and no two stacks are alike. Have some fun with this and play around with some different combinations until you find a stack that is truly you.

For the easy going & care free:

Accessorize your watch with stacking bracelets 1

Featured Watch & Strap:

Michele Deco Chronograph in Stainless Steel with Navy Alligator Strap (LWHD0075 - $795 || MWS0103 - $180)

Jewelry featured from left to right:

Evil Eye Bracelet in 14 karat white gold by Meira T (DFB1111 - $600)

Blue Sapphire Bracelet in 14 karat yellow gold by Meira T (MSB0158 - $300)

Petite Loop with Sapphire by David Yurman (SSB3465 - $1,200)

For the sporty chic:

Accessorize your watch with stacking bracelets 2

Featured Watch:

Tag Heuer F1 Ceramic & Stainless Steel with Diamonds (LBDW0575 - $2,750)

Jewelry featured from left to right:

Naga White Enamel Bracelet 12 mm by John Hardy (SSB3617 - $895)

Bedeg Twist Bracelet by John Hardy (SSB3483 - $695)

Diamond Bar Bracelet in 18 karat white gold by Long's Jewelers (DFB1290)

For the woman with power:

Accessorize your watch with stacking bracelets 3

Featured Watch:

Breitling Galactic 32 mm Stainless Steel & Rose Gold with Diamonds (LBDW0623 - $8,155)

Jewelry featured from left to right:

Petite Pave Metro Bar Bracelet by David Yurman (SSB3576 - $1,250)

Side Cross Bracelet With Diamonds by Long's Jewelers (DFB1115 - $450)

Classic Chain Bracelet Reversable in sterling siler & 18 karat yellow gold (SSB3493 - $3,300)

Pave Infinity Symbol Bracelet in 14 karat white gold by Long's Jewelers (DFB1322 - $570)

Are you looking for the right bracelet to complete your look but just can't seem to find one that works? Come in to any of our five locations and one of our Long's associates can help you explore different options and find the missing link to your dream stack. An appointment isn't necessary but always encouraged.

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