7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad

Yes, dad's like to wear jewelry, too, and Father's Day is coming up! Sunday, June 16th to be exact. But don't worry, if you haven't really thought about it yet, you still have a few weeks to get dad the perfect Father's Day gift this year.

We know he'll probably insist he doesn't need or want a gift, but how can you not get something for the man that has offered you unconditional love and support your whole life? A Father's Day gift isn't given out of obligation though, it's something nice you want to do for him. If gift-giving isn't your strong suit or if you have no idea what to get him, no need to panic. We have plenty of gift ideas to choose from before Father's Day rolls around this year.

Cuff links

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad
Featured: 18K Tricolor Knot Cufflinks, $2500 || 18K Yellow Gold Oval Cufflinks, $1,200 || Classic Chain Cufflinks, $450 || 18K White Gold and Diamond Bar Cufflinks, $3,200 || Sterling Silver Plain Cushion Polished Cuff Links, $100

Speaking to his sophistication and style, cuff links are a great gift for a dad that may be lacking in the accessories department. Maybe he has one or two pairs of cuff links, but none that really complement his personality or style. No other men's accessory makes ordinary work wear stand out quite like a pair of tasteful and stylish cuff links. One of the main must-have accessories for any well-groomed man, gifting him with a pair of cuff links that fit with who he is will be sure to put a smile on his face.

A Bracelet

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad
Featured: John Hardy Classic Chain Double Leather Hook Clasp Bracelet, $395 || John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Bracelet, $725 || John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet, $450 || John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Black Onyx Wrap Bracelet, $695

Talk about the perfect gift for the fashion forward dad! Not every man can handle rocking a bracelet, but your dad isn't a regular dad-he's a cool dad. The really cool thing about men's jewelry is that it is often made out of unconventional metals or materials, like these John Hardy bracelets shown above. With the different metals, textures and beading used, there is a unique, stylish and durable bracelet to complement any style or outfit of dad's choosing.

Tie Bars or Money Clips

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad
Featured: Sterling Silver Engine Turned Tie Bar, $80 || 14K Yellow Gold Paper Clip Tie Bar, $650 || Sterling Silver Hinged Money Clip with Gold Accent, $165

Probably one of the most useful of all these Father's Day gifts are tie bars and money clips. These gifts are great for the practical dad that likes to exude a little elegance as well. Money clips are always a safe bet to gift dad because he might not have ever thought to get one for himself but could always use it. This is also a great gift to engrave as there is plenty of real estate to carve out a memorable message he'll cherish forever.

Can't resist getting dad yet another Father's Day tie? Make this year's gift a bit more special with a tie bar. You know he'll always use it, and now he has something chic, yet also sentimental to tie together his favorite looks - yes, pun intended!

A Necklace or Ring

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable DadFeatured: 18K Yellow Gold Large Oval Signet Ring, $3,500 || John Hardy Classic Chain Beaded Tiger's Eye Gemstone Necklace, $595 || 14K Yellow Golf Signet Ring, $1100

Tired of gifting him with the same old gold chains? Handcrafted in Thailand, this John Hardy tiger's eye necklace works for any dad that wants to switch up his look. Tiger's eye, a stone of protection, may also bring its wearer good luck. Getting dad this Tiger's Eye necklace could be your way of saying thank you to the man that has stood by you and protected you all these years.

In addition, yellow gold signet rings are extremely popular for men right now and are only growing in demand. You can even personalize this gift by having them engraved with a sweet message he will love. Have "dad", "love", or maybe even his or your initials on it and he'll be sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

A Watch

7 Father's Day Gifts for the Fashionable Dad

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You can never go wrong with a watch for dad. Watches are a staple any fashion forward dad - or any man for that matter - should have in his accessories arsenal. It is a true art, pairing a watch with the different patterns, color, and style of a man's dress shirt or suit. An art that speaks a lot to his eye for color coordination and personal taste! Maybe he collects watches or maybe he could use a few more, but gifting him a watch for Father's Day is a surefire way to make his day a memorable one.

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