6 Ideas for a Socially Distanced Date Night

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

6 Ideas for a Socially Distanced Date NightDue to the Coronavirus pandemic you’re probably missing a lot of the fun things you used to do with your partner. With limited options for dates, it can be easy to slip into a dating rut. But couples who play together, stay together and this includes treating each other to fun date nights! If you keep an open mind the possible activities can be endless-it just takes a little improvising and some creativity. For the nights in need of some romance without the risk, see below for some date night inspiration.

1. Beer or Wine Tasting
The current state of the world has made it difficult to do a lot of the things we love doing and that includes going to vineyards and breweries with our significant others! Some places have begun opening back up again with restrictions but if you still aren’t comfortable going out - and we don’t blame you - why not make your own beer or wine tasting? Break out all the beer or wine you already have or head to the store and come home with a haul. You can even add a little fun and creativity by making your own beer or wine flights. 

2. Camp in the Backyard
If you love the outdoors but your favorite camping grounds are out of town, you can always enjoy a fun night in a tent in your own backyard. Some nights it’s a fun change of pace to sleep out-even if it’s still close to home. Free of everyone except you and your honey, you can make s'mores by the fire (smores by candlelight if you don’t have a fire pit), eat all your favorite junk food, make shadow puppets and have a good laugh playing a get to know you game or telling ghost stories from your childhood. When the moon’s out, you can share a romantic moment together gazing up at the stars and looking for different constellations in the sky.

3. Picnic in the Park
Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, so what better way to get out of the house than on a socially distanced date in the park? Parks are usually so vast that there should be plenty of space for you and your love to spread out comfortably without worrying about other people getting too close. Pack a picnic basket full of your favorite food or get take out from a restaurant you love to go to together. Bring a bottle of wine and make sure to catch the sunset together.

4. Movie Marathon
With some movie theaters still closed, drive-in theaters have seen a lot of returned interest and are definitely making a comeback. The problem is, drive-ins were losing popularity just a short while ago and there aren’t a whole lot of them nearby. If you love a night at the drive in but don’t want to drive the distance, make one in your backyard! You can set up a projector and screen, layer some comfy blankets, and lay out plenty of fluffy pillows for a romantic night outside watching your favorite movies. If you don’t have a projector, you can always do the same set up in your living room and enjoy a movie marathon inside-minus the mosquitoes! 

5. Game Night
Who doesn’t love a good game night? When going out isn’t an option, busting out the board games and deck of cards is a great way to spend a fun night in with your SO. Also, a little healthy competition never hurts - it just keeps things interesting. Get the creative juices flowing with some pictionary and charades, work your brain with scrabble, strategize with Clue, return to your childhood favorites with battleship, Candyland or Monopoly, and have a good laugh with an adult game of Cards Against Humanity.

6. Play Tourist in Your Home City
Due to a lot of travelling bans, going out of the state just isn’t an option for all you travel junkies. It’s much easier to make the most of the place you’re in. You can do this by rediscovering your own town and play tourist in your home city. If you’re a local to Boston, that means you also have the added benefit of soaking up all the rich history this beautiful city has to offer. Take a walk downtown or check out a neighborhood you’ve always driven by but never had the chance to explore. Stop at the historical markers, enjoy a peaceful walk and get to know your home and your significant other even better. Taking the time to stop and appreciate the beauty and nature of the place you call home can grant you a better perspective on life, inspire meaningful conversations and can lead to a deeper connection between you and your partner.

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