5 Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021


You might think fashion trends only have to do with the clothing you see strut down the runway, but what’s in style doesn’t start and end there. The key to a truly great outfit is what you add to it --AKA accessories and jewelry that make someone stop and compliment your entire vibe, not just the top you picked out of the closet.

And whether you’re purchasing a pricy accessory or fashion jewelry from a department store to make your outfit pop, you’ll want to keep an eye on what’s trending and what you keep seeing from season to season, indicating there are some jewelry styles that will always be here to stay.

We spoke with Karen Soucy, fashion jewelry consultant here at Long’s, to round up some of this year's top fall fashion jewelry trends for you to get a jump-start on what to look for when you’re enhancing your wardrobe this season. (Hint: this involves digging through your jewelry boxes of the past, too!)

Stacking and Layering
Emily Sarah 14k White Gold Diamond Necklace by Dana Rebecca ($330),
Sadie Pearl 14k White Gold Diamond Necklace by Dana Rebecca ($770)

If you’re just getting into your jewelry game, the stacking trend is the perfect style to start with because you can use pieces you already have to create the look. Stacking bracelets, for example, allows you to take that tennis bracelet you don’t wear anymore and pair it with a bangle or chunkier bracelet for a fresh, funky style.

The same rule applies for necklaces, but we call that layering. Layering necklaces using different length pieces creates dimension and draws your focus down to the rest of your outfit. Even though the choker trend is starting to fade, re-purposing a choker with a few mid-length or long necklaces will keep it relevant in your jewelry box for just a bit longer.

Pinky and Midi Rings
18k White Gold Diamond Band ($350), Henri Daussi 14k White Gold Diamond X Ring ($1,765)

Who said rings are only for your ring finger? Similar to the stacking and layering trend, the more the merrier applies when it comes to wearing rings. Rather than sticking to one main statement ring that weighs your hand down, try some thin band rings that are a size or two down from your regular ring size. These can be worn as pinky or midi rings that give your look a boho flair.

Yellow Gold
Memoire 14k Yellow Gold Multi Stone Diamond Earrings ($1,175)

There was a time when yellow gold was out and silver or white gold was in. But, as fashion trends tend to do, things repeat and come back in style just as you were about to rid your wardrobe of whatever it is. So, dig around and see what yellow gold you can find in your mom’s closet or your old jewelry box from the 80's and 90's, shine it up and throw it on with an outfit.

Or, invest in a new piece of yellow gold jewelry and prepare to hang on to it. A classic pair of yellow gold diamond studs or bar earrings will be in style today and years from now.

14k White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings ($1,325)

Hoops are always in style when it comes to earring trends. This fall, classic hoops are taking it up a notch with different textures or diamond studs all around, showing off some sparkle from ear to ear. If you have multiple piercings in your ears, wear a small, thin hoop in the higher-up piercings and complement it with a thicker or larger sized hoop in your main hole.

14k Rose Gold Band ($210), Roberto Coin 18k Rose Gold Knife Edge Bangle ($1,500)

When you’re investing in a quality piece of jewelry, you want it to feel special in more ways than one. And today, one way to do that is to hop on the personalization trend and spend a few extra dollars to make your newest accessory really feel like your own.

From monogramming to engraving a special phrase, number, quote or name on the inside of a bracelet or ring, there are many ways to customize a piece of jewelry to make it more unique and special. Or, if engraving seems a little too permanent for you, try out a locket where you can switch up what’s inside based on what’s most special to you in that moment.

The only thing that could get you more ready for the fall season than this list is a pumpkin spice latté. So, when it’s time to start your back-to-school shopping or update your look for the latest season, check out these trends at a Long’s Jewelers store or shop online.

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