4 Ways To Celebrate A Major Milestone With Jewelry

Author Craig Rottenberg
Date Feb 15, 2021


You’re in a good place in your life and you deserve to celebrate. Whether it’s a major birthday, anniversary, accomplishment or “just because”, it’s time to mark the occasion with a new (or upgraded) piece of jewelry. After 140 years of helping people celebrate major milestones in their lives, we've learned a few things. Here are four of our top recommendations for making your anniversary or accomplishment extra special!

Restyle Your Ring


You’ve been wearing the same engagement ring for more than a decade and it means the world to you. But, maybe it’s time for a change to reflect your stage of life and your evolved taste. Simply reset your diamond into a new ring style! A change of your ring setting can lead to an entirely new look. For example, moving from a simple solitaire to a wider band with diamonds on the side can be a dramatic overhaul. Here at Long’s, we stock a large selection of platinum and gold rings for a mature audience like you. We’ve also helped countless people custom design the new ring they’ve dreamed about for years—your love is one of a kind, and your ring should be too! Resetting your diamond is the best of both worlds; you get to restyle your favorite piece of jewelry while still wearing your original diamond.

Upgrade Your Diamond

There’s a tongue-in-cheek saying that “diamonds shrink over time”. What this really means is that the diamond that looked perfect on your finger when you were in your 20s and 30s now looks a little small at this later stage of life. You want and deserve something bigger! Major anniversaries and big birthdays are often celebrated with a new diamond ring that upgrades from a smaller size to potentially a two, three or four carat, or as big as you can dream! There is a whole world of different sizes, shapes and ring styles to explore here. You can even reset your original diamond into a new piece of jewelry, like a pendant, or trade it in towards the cost of the bigger diamond to help reduce the price of the upgrade.

Go Band Or Go Home

Some women choose to put their engagement ring away somewhere safe and instead wear a new, every day statement piece like a wide diamond band. It shows that you are married, reflects your current style, is comfortable and can have a nice, low profile (less likely to hit it against something). From five stone rings to pave and eternity bands, a big diamond band is a great way to make a statement while keeping your original ring intact for sentimental reasons.

Bring Some Color Into Your Life

A major anniversary can also be celebrated with a precious gemstone as a way to bring some color to your hands. Imagine a three stone ring featuring a five carat bright blue sapphire, or a naturally beautiful ruby surrounded by a ring of diamonds. Some choose to wear a statement color ring on the left hand instead of an engagement ring, while others go for a right hand ring. Blue and red are the most common, but there are some amazing exotic gemstones like tourmalines and sapphires that can be green, pink, orange, yellow or practically any color you can imagine.

Do you have a major milestone coming up? We're got you covered! Make an appointment or stop by one of our five retail locations today and see all we have to offer!

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