4 Everyday Looks to Complement Your Engagement Ring

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

4 Everyday Looks to Complement Your Engagement Ring

Whether or not you just got engaged or you are happily married, you have a beautiful engagement ring and you love to show it off! This ring will be worn on your finger everyday for the rest of your life - but what about other jewelry? You're not going to stop wearing your go-to pieces, but you definitely want to avoid anything that will clash with your stunning engagement ring. When it comes to everyday jewelry, you definitely want to keep it light and simple. First, because everyday jewelry is meant to be worn, well everyday, so less is usually more. Second, you definitely don't want to be wearing any jewelry that might steal your ring's thunder! That is why we have come up with four looks that are sure to complement your forever ring. These looks also work well with, or without, a wedding band, so they are good to keep in mind for before and after things are made official.

White Gold

4 Everyday Looks to Complement Your Engagement Ring
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Nothing says an everyday look like a pair of diamond stud earrings! These three-stone diamond cluster earrings are the sweetest pair of studs that work well with any engagement ring and it offers up a little extra variety than a simple pair of solitaire diamonds studs. A diamond pendant is also a great addition to this look for someone who loves wearing necklaces day to day. And don't worry, it wont take any attention away from your number one sparkler!

Yellow Gold

4 Everyday Looks to Complement Your Engagement Ring
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A low key pairing of jewelry that will complement your yellow gold engagement ring beautifully is a yellow gold diamond by the yard necklace and some yellow gold and diamond hoops. Sticking with the yellow gold and diamond accent theme, these two pieces are both pretty yet understated. As you probably already know, hoops are huge right now so a cute pair of yellow gold diamond huggies or a small pair of hoops will work really well for a day to day style. Pair your ring with a matching yellow gold diamond eternity band to complete your look.


4 Everyday Looks to Complement Your Engagement Ring
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If you're a lover of all things vintage and vintage inspired, it's no surprise that your engagement ring would be vintage too. Vintage engagement rings are beautifully adorned with art deco inspired designs, famous filigree and other delicate designs vintage rings are infamous for. Although beautiful and sometimes elaborate, these intricate designs can make it difficult to pair other jewelry that is equally as intricate that isn't going to upstage your ring. That is why when looking for everyday jewelry with a vintage ring it is best to pair it with other delicate jewelry that matches the theme while still being understated like this sweet diamond bezel station bracelet. Pearls and sapphires also give off that vintage vibe whether they are vintage or modern so add to your look with some vintage inspired sapphire bands or a second station bracelet with diamonds and pearls.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold-1
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If you have a rose gold engagement ring, it will go great with other pink hued jewelry like this Anne Sportun beaded bracelet. Pearl studs look good with anything, and especially with this rose toned metal. Add a rose gold diamond band to match - if you want the look of more diamonds but you're not married yet, wear the diamond band on a different finger or on your other hand until you are!

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