25th Anniversary Rings To Celebrate Your Major Milestone

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021

25th Anniversary Rings To Celebrate Your Major Milestone

You and your husband are about to celebrate a HUGE milestone... 25 years of marriage. That's a major accomplishment, congratulations! What better way to celebrate a successful marriage and lifetime of happiness than with some gorgeous diamonds?

Anniversary rings are the perfect gift to celebrate any milestone. Similar to wedding rings, anniversary rings are bands that can be worn in addition to your engagement ring or by themselves. Anniversary rings are larger, usually more diamond intensive, and of course a little more expensive. But hey, 25 years of marriage is more than worthy of a gorgeous diamond anniversary ring! You deserve it.

We've curated a list of the most dazzling and exquisite anniversary bands we could find. Take a look at our top picks that you're sure to fall in love:

1) Platinum Pavé Silk Diamond Three Quarter Round Band

Platinum Pave Silk Diamond Three Quarter Round Band

SKU: LDBS0026 || $6,695 || Shop Now

A beautifully chic three quarter round band. Available in platinum, yellow gold, and white gold, this pave set ring has four rows of diamonds to add some major sparkle to your finger! The setting on this anniversary ring incorporates diamonds aligned in beautifully sequenced rows for a sleek and smooth appearance. This ring shows off some major sparkle and is sure to catch everyone's attention.

2) 18K White Gold Four Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring

18K White Gold Four Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring

SKU: DFR2072 || $15,950 || Shop Now

Now this is an extremely unique and exquisite piece. Although this striking ring is not an eternity band, it has four perfectly cushion cut diamonds that will wow anyone and everyone. The diamond halos on this ring only add to the beauty and give it a larger appearance that adds that much more sparkle. This piece is definitely fit for a queen and will look incredible paired with your engagement ring or worn alone!

3) 18K White Gold Paragon Four Row Diamond Eternity Band

18K White Gold Paragon Four Row Diamond Eternity Band

SKU: DETP0464 || $42,050 || Shop Now

This eternity ring represents your forever commitment to each other. Four rows of brilliantly cut diamonds weighing a total of 12 carats create an over the top, luxurious look that is the perfect 25th anniversary gift! Available in white gold, platinum, and even yellow gold, this ring is sure to make any woman smile. Because of the considerable radiance and beauty, this ring will look amazing worn alone. This is a truly unforgettable piece.

4) Platinum Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Platinum Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Band

SKU: DETP2067 || $34,400 || Shop Now

Asscher cut diamonds have the sophisticated glimmer and shine of an emerald cut, but in a square shape. This eternity ring is prong set and will compliment any engagement ring or wedding band because of its sleek, contemporary design. This breathtaking band has bold sparkle that will make an amazing addition to any ring collection. If she wants a simple design but is avoiding the round cut diamond, this asscher cut band is the perfect fit for her!

5) 18K White Gold Four Row Diamond Rolling Ring

18K White Gold Four Row Diamond Rolling Ring

SKU: LDB1389 || $8,550 || Shop Now

This mesmerizing ring is absolutely unique and the distinctive design of interlocking bands will have her in awe. The gorgeous diamonds in this ring have been delicately crafted into a channel set which amplifies the amazing sparkle and light these diamonds catch. One of the larger choices for an anniversary band, this ring is so elegant and superb it can be worn alone. Maybe she is looking for an intricately designed ring that will always be in style... If so, this ring is a great pick!

6) Platinum Pétite Prong® Diamond Eternity Band

Platinum Petite Prong Diamond Eternity Band

SKU: DETP0013 || $4,900 || Shop Now

Timeless beauty and classic elegance. That is how one would describe this luminous eternity ring. No need for an intricate design because these gorgeous diamonds speak for themselves! Compliment your engagement ring and wedding band with this luminous ring that is an ideal pick for your 25th anniversary. With over 5 carats, this sparkling gem will look incredible with everything.

Want to see more gorgeous 25th anniversary rings? Shop online or visit a store today!

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