What to Do With Your Old Jewelry at Home

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

Like many people, you’re probably finding yourself spending a lot more time at home. You may be getting back into old hobbies, starting a passion project, catching up on your favorite movies and tv shows, or you may be doing some extra cleaning - so why not go through your old jewelry while you’re at it? You may have old jewelry that you’ve been thinking of selling for years, or maybe you’ve never thought about it before- regardless, now is as good a time as any to clean out that jewelry box! You can either trade it in for some extra cash or make room for something new. 

Sell It

We are always interested in gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamonds, gemstone jewelry, fine Swiss timepieces and loose stones. When going through your old jewelry collections, take note of the pieces that are just sitting around collecting dust. Even if your unwanted jewelry may be banged up or broken, it’s probably worth more to you in cash than it is sitting around your house-so why not sell it to us! Having been around for over 140 years buying and selling estate jewelry, gold, diamonds and silver, we are always more than happy to look over what you have. Whether it's scrap gold or a one-of-a-kind historical piece, it’s worth it to have us check it out!

Upgrade It

One thing that’s great about going through old jewelry is making room for something new! If your old jewelry is out of style, collecting dust and you choose to upgrade, we even offer 25% more in-store credit than a cash offer you can use toward anything in our stores. Get rid of that old jewelry you haven’t touched in years and treat yourself to something new and more you.

Revamp It

Even if you don’t want to sell or upgrade what you find, at the very least you might even find something you totally forgot you had! Go through everything and mix and match what you have and what you’ve forgotten about. This could be a fun and creative way to keep busy and revamp your accessories with pieces you already have! Mix metals, layer old chains, add in some charms you forgot about-the possibilities could be endless. 

Customize It

Are you looking through what you have and finding that you want to make it into something else? If you don’t want to part with it, you could take that old piece and make it into something new with our expert custom design specialists. You might still like the style but with a custom design you could love it even more! 

If you’ve never sold your jewelry before and don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. At each one of Long’s five locations, we have experts ready and available for all of your jewelry needs. Once you come in, our expert will take a look at what you brought-whether it is jewelry or an old watch- and they will determine its quality, condition, and any extra attributes that may increase the piece’s value. Although they are not required, we also strongly encourage anyone who is planning to come in, to make an appointment. This is key-especially in today’s times-that our experts are prepared for your visit and are available to give you their undivided attention at a time that works best for you. For most visits, our experts will make you an offer right then and there and you’ll be walking out of the store with money or a beautiful new piece of jewelry in your hand!

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