Our Favorite Vintage & Estate Jewelry to Heat Up The Summer

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

The days are definitely getting hotter-and so should your jewelry! Most things that come to mind in the summer are the heat, the beach and some cool blue water. When picking out a staple summer vintage piece, you should be keeping things fun, colorful and bright. Some ways to do that are by donning some bright vintage rings, incorporating a little coral and turquoise into your wardrobe or adding a touch of sweet nautical charms to a thin chain necklace or charm bracelet. Whether you prefer to be beachy or bright, we’ve got plenty of vintage inspiration for a summer of fun!

Nautical Jewelry

14K Yellow Gold Estate Lobster Charm, $130 || 14K Yellow Gold Estate Dolphin Charm, $300 || 14K Yellow Gold Estate Lighthouse Charm, $215 || 14K Yellow Gold Estate Starfish Earrings, $520 || 14K Yellow Gold Sailboat Charm, $180 || 14K Yellow Gold Estate Seahorse Charm, $180

Nothing says summer like a cute little nautical charm or a pair of starfish studs. When you're spending most of your time by the beach, why shouldn’t your jewelry reflect that too? When it comes to charms, there can never be too many. If you’re a minimalist, stick to some small ones but if you’re the type to go big or go home, try out the pair of bold starfish earrings. We love all things ocean and when it comes to summer, the two go hand in hand.

Turquoise and Coral

Natural Coral Estate Carved Bead Necklace || 18K Yellow Gold Estate Turquoise Earrings, $950 || 18K Yellow Gold Estate Turquoise Ring - SOLD! || 14K Yellow Gold Estate Coral Earrings, $1,015 || 18K Yellow Gold Estate Synthetic Turquoise Etruscan Style Pendant, $1,450

There is no better bright summer combo than turquoise and coral. Both are fun and bright and very “in” during the hot summer months. Trends are always coming back around so a cute turquoise or coral vintage piece is just what your outfit needs to bring it to life during these hot summer days. When you can’t make it to the beach, these two stones will even bring you right back to the sun, sand and blue ocean. 

Bright Colorful Rings

14K Yellow Gold Estate Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, $600 || 18K White Gold Estate Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, $1,075 || 14K White Gold Estate Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring, $3,600 || 14K White Gold Estate Aquamarine Ring, $4,995 || 14K Yellow Gold Estate Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring, $1,915

Summer is always a good time to bring out the bright colors! Beat the heat by adding some fun and vibrance to your summer looks. When all you can think about is the beach, the bright sun and clear blue water, it only makes sense that your jewelry should emulate this. Pick out your brightest, most colorful vintage ring and pair it with a neutral outfit or something with just as much color-anything goes!

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