6 Vintage Engagement Rings With Intricate & Unique Details

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 15, 2021


Do you have a retro style and love everything vintage? Then maybe a vintage engagement ring with beautiful and intricate details is just what you need for your future!

Appreciating the craftsmanship that has gone into a vintage ring should be on the top of your list. Years ago, the majority of vintage rings were crafted by hand. Because of this, you'll find slight variance between the detailing on vintage rings, and no two rings will be exactly the same. This means your ring can truly be one-of-a-kind!

Knowing that these rings were possibly worn by another couple in love and that they were crafted with the utmost care are just some of the reasons that vintage rings remain high in demand. Here are some of our favorite vintage engagement rings with unique details that we know you'll love:

1. Vintage Platinum Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring



First up we have a beautiful vintage Edwardian engagement ring from the beginning of the 20th century. Like many rings of the time, it is set in platinum and beautifully detailed. The ring is prong set with an old mine cut diamond weighing approximately .75cts. (J/SI1) and is flanked by 10 full cut diamonds. This ring is full of character with its flowing, graceful lines and floral accents. Perfect for the romantic girl at heart!

2. Art Deco Platinum Diamond Ring



Get ready to make a statement with this art deco platinum diamond ring! Characterized by bold geometry and sharp lines, this ring is all about patterns and angles. It is prong set with an old European cut diamond weighing 1.27cts. (J/VS) and further set with 28 single cut diamonds. Wish you could be a character in the Great Gatsby? This ring is the next best thing.

3. Vintage 14K Rose Gold Ruby and Diamond Bypass Ring


Popularized in the Victorian era, bypass rings symbolize two souls becoming one, making them a perfect choice for an engagement ring! This vintage beauty is prong set with an oval cut ruby weighing 1.35cts. and one old mine cut diamond weighing approximately .95cts. (K-L/VS). It's also set in rose gold, which looks good on nearly every skin tone and is a very popular metal choice today. We love the special meaning behind a bypass ring and the romance it brings to an engagement!

4. Vintage Style Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring



Here we have another great example of an Edwardian style engagement ring. Set in platinum, it features beautiful swirl designs typical of the period. It also has a millegrain border, which was a common accent of the era. The ring is prong set with an old European cut diamond weighing approximately .85cts. (K/VS) and is further set with six single cut diamonds. We love all the unique detailing in this ring! Clearly a labor of love.

5. Vintage 18K Yellow Gold and Platinum Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring


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Thanks to our latest royal engagement, yellow gold engagement rings are set to make a big comeback! This vintage solitaire engagement ring is a perfect example. The ring is prong set in platinum with an old European cut diamond weighing approximately .48cts. (G/VS). We love the beautiful floral detailing on the band giving it that little something extra to make it truly unique.

6. Vintage Platinum Diamond Solitaire Engagement Bypass Ring


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Another beautiful vintage bypass ring, but this time the focus is on one center stone. The sides of the band don’t meet in the middle, instead they pass by one another to frame the diamond. This represents individuality and fluidity. The platinum ring featured here is set with an old European cut diamond weighing approximately 1.10cts. (I/I1) and is further set with ten single cut diamonds. Perfect for the one-of-a-kind woman in your life!

Haven't found the perfect vintage engagement ring just yet? Take a look through our extensive collection of vintage rings to find the one that's right for you or visit any of our New England retail locations to see more!

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