Travel Without The Risk: See The World With These 25 Estate Charms

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 15, 2021

During times like these, it’s best to skip the trips you may have planned and stay home. Although this may be keeping you safe from harm, it doesn’t make you miss your destinations any less. That is why we have come up with a collection of charms to do just that. Travel the world with us through our extensive collection of estate charms from around the globe!

New Orleans

14K Yellow Gold Estate Bourbon Canal St. Lamp Post Charm, $160 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate American Queen Charm, $75

For when you’re missing Mardi Gras, take a look at these two charms to remind you of the Bayou State.This street sign charm shows the cross street between the famous Bourbon street and Canal street, sure to transport you to the fun hustle and bustle of Louisiana. This other charm, the American Queen charm, depicts the largest steamboat ever built, one that was built after the classic Mississippi river boat, which flows right through the south to New Orleans.


14K Yellow Gold Estate Pyramid Charm, $105 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate King Tut Charm, $250

What better way to transport yourself to ancient Egypt than by a pyramid and Pharaoh charm? If you’ve never been to Egypt, these charms will do just fine until you go some day. The pyramids remain one of the seven wonders of the world and for good reason. To this day, we are still in awe of its infrastructure, scratching our heads at how they were built, much less back in Ancient Egyptian times. Residing in the tombs of the pyramids were kings, or Pharaohs as they came to be known, like King Tut. Although you may not be able to visit his tomb in Egypt right now, you can still marvel at this 14k yellow gold estate charm until you can.


14K Yellow Gold Estate Siam Buddha Charm, $80 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Aventurine Quartz Buddha Charm, $420

For when you’re missing Asia or you’re simply in need of some zen energy during these unprecedented times, a buddha charm can help. The Buddha charm depicts the philosopher, meditator, spiritual teacher, and religious leader of the same name who lived in Ancient India. Most people like to keep buddha statues, charms or keepsakes nearby to attract positive energy and to remind us to be more like the Buddha in our daily lives, bringing us good luck, peace and longevity.

San Francisco

14K Yellow Gold Estate San Francisco Cable Car Charm, $275 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Powell & Mason San Francisco Movable Trolley Charm, $440

Now what would San Francisco be without its Trolley and Cable Cars? The cable car system is the world's last manually operated cable car system and is an icon of San Francisco. Both of these charms embody this city’s famous charm and spirit, giving you a little taste while we are  waiting things out at home. 


18K Yellow Gold Estate Venice Gondola Charm, $440 | 18K Yellow Gold Estate St. Peter's Basilica Charm, $435 | 

The first things that might come to your mind when thinking of Italy may be their delicious wine, unsurmounted food, beautiful views and coastlines or its attractions like the St. Peter’s Basilica and the infamous Gondola rides through Venice. Look at these charms and you’re right back in the heart of Italy, patiently waiting for your next trip.

Germany & Holland

14K Yellow Gold Estate Beer Stein Charm, $315 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Bier Stein, $480 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Dutch Shoe Charm, $180

Holland, known for its famous Dutch shoes, and Germany, with their infamous authentic German Bier Steins are both lovely places to visit when given the chance. Since it may be awhile until you can travel here, whether it be your first time or your 25th, these three charms are the next best thing.

Las Vegas

14K Yellow Gold Estate Dice Charm, $70 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Las Vegas Cards Charm, $255 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Die Dice Charm, $315

What most people think of when they think of Las Vegas is the gambling and the excitement of the infamous casinos. These charms are fun and sweet with dice and cards to remind you of what this city is best known for. 

Texas & Mexico

James Avery 14K Yellow Gold Estate Lone Star Cowboy Boot Charm, $110 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Sombrero Hat Charm, $145 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Violin Charm, $425

Texas actually used to be a part of Mexico before it gained its independence, giving new meaning to its name the Lone Star state. Infamous for its dry heat, southern style, and music, a lone star cowboy boot, a sombrero and a violin are perfect reminders of these two places when you may not be able to visit in person.


9K Yellow Gold Estate Claddagh Charm, Ireland, $36 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Leprechaun Charm, $130

If you’re in need of a little taste of Ireland or Irish culture, these claddagh and leprechaun charms are sure to do the trick. Famously known for everything Claddagh from necklaces to rings, this charm will definitely tide you over until your next big trip to the Emerald Isle. Check out this blog if you’re craving more Irish themed estate jewelry.


14K Yellow Gold Estate Nantucket Basket Charm, $520 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Lighthouse Charm, $270 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Gloucester Fisherman Charm, $340 | 14K Yellow Gold Estate Lighthouse Charm, $215

There’s no place like home and what better reminder of our New England roots than a sailor, a lighthouse and a classic Nantucket basket? Even though our vacation plans may have been curtailed, these charms will remind you of your best summer memories when you have to stay away.

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