4 Hot Accessory Trends For Estate Jewelry Fashionistas

Author Elisa Pennimpede
Date Feb 15, 2021

4 Hot Accessory Trends For Estate Jewelry Fashionistas

Vintage and estate jewelry is a great way to wear the hottest accessory styles for 2016. When you're focusing on the "newest" and "latest" trends, it's easy to overlook these vintage treasures. We're here to make sure you don't make that mistake this season!

Fashionistas: gone are the days where your earrings have to match, pearls are for mothers, and brooches are for your grandmother's jewelry collection. As we see these accessory trends making a comeback on runways across the world,we realize estate jewelry is the perfect way to work these resurrected styles into your wardrobe this season.

Here are four of the summer's hottest trends to keep in mind as you look for your next fashion-forward, one-of-a-kind estate piece.

1. Chokers

Platinum & White Gold Pearl & Diamond Estate Necklace Yellow Gold Black Opal Doublet Necklace

Featured: Platinum & 14K White Gold Pearl & Diamond Necklace (One-Of-A-Kind - $8,945), 14K Yellow Gold Black Opal Doublet Necklace (One-Of-A-Kind - $350)

Fashionistas are in love with choker designs, and the latest shows from New York to London to Paris and Milan have made them this summer’s biggest jewelry trend. From neo-Goth, to romantic Edwardian, to the chokers woven in chains of platinum and gold, worn slightly looser around the neck, they have become the “high voltage” accessory for design houses including Balmain, Chanel, and Christian Dior. So any of you estate jewelry lovers looking refresh your collection? Keep this trend in mind as you browse for your next one-of-a-kind piece.

2. Lots Of Pearls

ESNK3153_1024x1024.jpeg ESNK3161_1024x1024.jpeg ESER3483.jpeg

Featured: 18K Yellow Gold Pearl Rope Chain Necklace (One-Of-A-Kind - $4,000), 18K White Gold South Sea Pearl & Diamond Pendant (One-Of-A-Kind - $2,825), 14K Yellow Gold Pearl Sputnik Style Earrings (One-Of-A-Kind - $535)

Timeless but never boring, pearls are no longer consigned to your grandmother's jewelry box. Traditional views of pearls are changing and thanks to celebrities like Duchess Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and First Lady Michelle Obama, pearls are coming back into fashion as a staple of fashionistas worldwide. This is one trend that takes the classier concepts from the past and transforms them into a new modern and sophisticated style. From the First Lady’s double strand, to Kate’s elegant pearl drop earrings, to Sarah Jessica, who regularly accessorizes her outfits with pearls, these fashion icons have introduced pearls to a new generation of stylers.

3.Bringing Back Brooches

Cheany Yellow Gold Gem-Set Frog Pin Yellow Gold Gem-Set Flower Pin Tiffany & Co. Yellow Gold Paloma Picasso Hugs & Kisses Pin

Featured: Cheany 18K Yellow Gold Gem-Set Frog Pin (One-Of-A-Kind - $895), 18K Yellow Gold Gem-Set Flower Pin (One-Of-A-Kind - $4,350), Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow Gold Paloma Picasso Hugs & Kisses Pin (One-Of-A-Kind - $770)

Brooches have also been associated with our moms and grandmothers for so long that it’s strange to see them on the bodies of young models strutting down the runway. No longer relegated to the demure blazer lapel, these bold jeweled sculptural accessories embellish collars and dresses, adorn the center of scarves and neckties, and perch on the shoulders of Gucci designs. Anna Sui even anchored jeweled floral fantasies to models' hair. Our runway faves included Balenciaga emblems, Prada florals, and Beccaria dragonflies. It's clear that brooches and pins are making a come back this season - so start digging through that jewelry box and be sure to stop in to see some of our incredible estate brooch and pin collections.

4. Matching Is Out


Featured: 18K Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline and Garnet Earrings (One-Of-A-Kind, $725)

Finally, MATCHY-MATCHY is OUT of fashion! This summer don’t be afraid to mix metals, textures, and colors when you're accessorizing. Not-so-perfectly matched earrings was possibly the most innovative trend on the 2016 runway. Lavin created bows in different colors, Celine, fashioned long earrings with different geometric details, and Missoni’s earrings, though seemingly identical, had completely different patterns in their half-moon shape. So, this season, be bold and have fun with some of these new trends.

Want to find more one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to incorporate these new trends? Browse our extensive online estate collection or visit any of our five New England locations today!

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