7 Bold and Beautiful Estate Cocktail Rings

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 15, 2021

7 Bold and Beautiful Estate Cocktail Rings

Big, oversize accessories are always a must for upscale events or a great way to add something special to an otherwise simple outfit. One of our favorite over-the-top accessories is the cocktail ring! And we have hundreds of show-stopping cocktail rings hidden in our extensive estate jewelry collection.

It makes sense that our most beautiful and glamorous cocktail rings are in our estate collection since these rings became popular back in the 1940’s and 50’s when cocktail parties were all the rage. This strong statement piece has been making a splash in the fashion world for a while now, and in our opinion, a statement cocktail ring is a classic piece every woman should own.

Today, we're bringing you seven cocktail rings that will not only complete every outfit, but also show off your personality. They are bold, colorful and fun!

1. Platinum Amethyst and Diamond Ring


Talk about stunning! This ring is both a great classic estate piece and a work of art on your finger. We love the vibrant purple color of the oval cut amethyst weighing 6.52 carats. Plus, the 18 full cut diamonds surrounding it really add to the overall sparkle and glamour of this ring! Whether you're going to a party or a night at the theater this ring is sure to enhance any outfit.

2. 14K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring


ESRG6882 || $7,600 || SHOP NOW

Having a ring like this on your finger will make anyone look instantly glamorous. It is set with a gorgeous oval cut ruby and framed by 14 tapered baguette cut and 14 full cut diamonds. When rubbed on the skin, rubies were thought to restore youth and vitality, so any woman can proudly wear this ring to enhance her inner confidence. The ruby is also considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. Now that's a ring with some good energy!

3. 14K Yellow Gold Yellow Topaz Diamond Ring

14K Yellow Gold Yellow Topaz Diamond Ring

When seeing this ring, the first thing that might come to your mind is the November birthstone. And you're right, yellow topaz is for November, but that doesn't mean you have to be born in that month to wear this beautiful rock. The diamonds around the topaz really make it pop and make it extra eye-catching. Yellow topaz gems are symbolic to our natural roots, so not only does the ring itself bring you back years ago, but the center stone represents it. Represent your ancestors and the stability of your family when wearing this ring.

4. 14K Yellow Gold Aquamarine Ring



Do you want to be the most recognized woman in the room? If so, then this is the ring for you! When wearing this ring, people won't be able to help themselves and stare at how beautiful it is and of course the size. The emerald cut aquamarine is the perfect shade of light blue to match multiple options in your closet. Rose quartz represents eternal youth and happiness so this the perfect heartfelt gift to give from mother to daughter or husband to wife. It's also a great piece to have as a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. Get ready to make a big statement at your next black tie event with this outstanding cocktail ring!

5. 14K White Gold Grey Mabe Pearl and Diamond Ring



Nothing beats the lustre of a beautiful pearl. This stunning piece is set with grey mabe pearl measuring 15 mm. Surrounded by 32 single cut diamonds, this ring is sure to wow the crowds. Grey pearls represent dignity making them perfect for a statement ring! Plus, the color goes with almost every outfit. This is not a ring to pass up!

6. Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Ring


ESRG6762 || $120,000 || SHOP NOW

Looking for the ultimate statement piece? We got you covered with this sapphire and diamond cocktail ring. There is no other way to describe this ring besides breathtaking. With the center emerald cut Ceylon sapphire stone weighting 19.52ct, you will leave people speechless when they see it on you. The center stone is beautiful by itself, but on this ring you also have two sheild step cut Burmese sapphires weighing 1.28 carats and 1.38 carats and 16 full cut diamonds that are placed on the sides for some extra glam. The rectangle shape of the center stone is a great way to elongate your finger, and in our opinion, that is always a plus!

7. Platinum Natural Black Opal and Diamond Ring


ESRG6879 || $98,500 || SHOP NOW

If you are into very unique pieces, this ring is for you. When you first look at this ring, you will be dazzled by the magnificent natural black opal measuring 20.12 x 16.70 x 8.83mm. The opal is framed on either side by two half moon diamonds and 12 full cut diamonds giving the ring its elegant look. Opals hold many significant meanings including being a symbol of hope, fidelity ,and assurance. This ring will definitely make you stand out in the crowd!

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