Get The Look For Less: Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings

Author Lynelle Schmidt
Date Feb 15, 2021

While many celebrities today are trying to top one another with the largest, most perfect stones for their beautiful brides-to-be, some celebrities are opting for a more unique look with vintage or vintage-inspired engagement rings.

Vintage engagement rings are perfect for a non-traditional bride who wants something a little bit different. The diamonds featured in these rings are different than modern cut diamonds. They were often cut by hand and designed to sparkle even in very dim lighting.

And, the detail and ornate design of vintage rings was often crafted by hand. That's what makes these rings truly one-of-a-kind!

Vintage engagement rings are not only unique but they also are a great way to save some money rather than buying a completely new and modern engagement ring. So, we've pulled together some of our favorite celebrity vintage ring looks with comparable rings that are much more affordable for the average person.

1. Alexis Bledel

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRE0088-1.jpg

Alexis' Ring: Vincent Kartheiser sure has good taste. Vincent chose this dazzling octagonal-shaped diamond engagement ring for his bride-to-be and Mad Men co-star, Alexis Bledel. This beautiful vintage-inspired ring has a large round cut diamond set in a simple platinum band. The center diamond in the ring is high quality and at least two carats in size, and the entire ring is estimated to cost upwards of $80,000.

Get The Look (Our Price $2,950): For a real vintage look at a much lower price tag, take a look at this vintage platinum diamond solitaire ring. This handcrafted beauty is one-of-a-kind and is made to sparkle in even the dimmest lighting. The ring is set with a 0.75 carat old mine cut diamond and features an intricate design on either side.


2. Kate Middleton

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRG6181-crop.jpg

Kate's Ring: Kate's signature vintage engagement ring was all anyone could talk about following her engagement to Prince William in 2010. The vintage ring originally belonged to Princess Diana when she was engaged to Prince Charles in 1981. It features 14 diamonds surrounding a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire stone set in a 14k white gold band. And, the ring is currently valued at $500,000 (originally $47,000 when first purchased) because of its cultural significance.

Get The Look (Our Price $2,120): You can get the royal engagement ring at a greater value with this 14k white gold sapphire and diamond ring. The ring features a 1.75 carat oval cut sapphire set with 16 full cut diamonds. Perfect for the princess in every woman!


3. Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRG6885A.jpg

Scarlett's Ring: Scarlett's vintage ring from French journalist Romain Dauriac features three round diamonds on a large rectangle setting that has even more diamonds. Talk about bling! The Art Deco-inspired ring is incredibly unique. Art Deco rings were created between 1920 and 1935 and influenced by the roaring twenties. This ring is bright, fun, and features geometric patterns signature of the Art Deco period.

Get The Look (Our Price $3,995): You can find your own vintage Art Deco engagement ring at a very affordable price. Take a look at this vintage ring which prices out just under $4,000. Set in platinum, the ring has four old European cut diamonds framed by 28 calibre cut synthetic sapphires. We love the detailed engraving and millgrained accents. This gorgeous engagement ring achieves the same illuminating effect as Scarlett's.


4. Penelope Cruz

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRG5767.jpg

Penelope's Ring: This stunning vintage chic engagement ring, worn by Penelope Cruz, was picked out by husband Javir Bardem. The ring features an alluring 3 carat sapphire stone set in a flower-like diamond halo. Similar to Kate Middleton's sapphire ring, Penelope shows us how to rock an engagement ring that is different than your average diamond ring. The diamond halo still provides plenty of sparkle to make this an all around beautiful look.

Get The Look (Our Price $795): Get Penelope's celebrity look for much less with this 14k yellow gold, sapphire, and diamond ring. The ring is prong set with a .90 carat oval cut sapphire framed by 12 full cut diamonds. This colorful sparkler is sure to stand out from the rest.


4. Christina Applegate

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRG6184.jpg

Christina's Ring: Christina Applegate and husband Martyn LeNoble know great style. Christina's custom vintage-inspired engagement ring is a stunner, created by Neil Lane. The wedding band was designed to wrap around the setting of the engagement ring to create a diamond sleeve. This enormous platinum ring and band combo is almost blinding because of its unique sparkle.

Get The Look (Our Price $1,195): While Christina's ring is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, there are many other vintage engagement rings that mimic the same type of look with a better price tag. The featured ring has a .40 carat old mine cut diamond in the center set in hand-crafted filigree and milligraning with 16 rose and single cut diamonds. This Edwardian vintage engagement ring is a work of art that simply cannot be replicated the same way.


5. Behati Prinsloo

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRG6642.jpg

Behati's Ring: While Adam Levine could have easily chosen an enormous rock for the proposal, he chose to go for a unique vintage engagement ring instead. Adam went old school and picked out a 1930s engagement ring for Behati. The one-of-a-kind ring features a solitaire diamond with an ornate filigree setting surrounding it. Because of its size, Behati decided to go simple with her wedding band, choosing a very classic, thin and simple platinum band to match.

Get The Look (Our Price $1,185): Even though Adam Levine probably paid quite a bit for Behati's classic vintage ring, there are still similar options that are more affordable. This featured platinum and diamond ring is from the Art Deco period. The ring is set with a .38 carat old European cut diamond, framed by black enamel inlay, and further set with two single cut diamonds. Now that's a one-of-a-kind ring!


6. Jessica Biel

Celebrity Vintage Engagement Rings At Crazy Affordable Prices ESRG4672-crop-923078-edited.jpeg

Jessica's Ring: Jessica's vintage-inspired engagement ring from Justin Timberlake has been talked about for quite some time now. It's unique coloring and style are not something you see every day. And Justin was actually the one to pick out the ring without any input from Jessica. Talk about good taste! The sides of the ring feature a scrolling rope style that make it look vintage and the center diamond, which is probably either radiant or princess cut, is six carats. It's estimated that the ring costs around $130,000.

Get The Look (Our Price $11,650): While it would be hard to find a ring as unique as Jessica's, there are rings like the one featured that are vintage and make a big impact. Here is an art deco diamond ring set with an old European cut diamond weighing 1.27 carats. You will also find 28 single cut diamonds around the center stone and along the sides of this ring to help give the ring more sparkle.


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