12 Estate Cocktail Rings We’re Loving Right Now

Author Veronica Rose
Date Feb 19, 2021
If you’re looking to make a statement with your vintage jewelry, look no further than a cocktail ring! These special rings are meant to be big and bold, commanding attention for its wearers no matter where they go. They were, after all, made popular by the Prohibition era when it was good to be bad. Worn to draw attention to their illegal drinking exploits by donning them on their right drinking hands, it is no secret where the name “cocktail rings” came from. As with our entire estate collection, our list of large gemstone rings is extensive, but read on to see why these particular twelve cocktail rings are worthy of a closer look!

Hues of Pink

18K White Gold Estate Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $2,35018K Rose Gold Estate Morganite and Diamond Ring, $3,19518K Yellow Gold Estate Amethyst and Diamond Ring, $620

Gear up for the spring with these pastel pink and purple hued gemstone rings. Among these three rings there are large center stones made of kunzite, morganite, and amethyst, all equally beautiful and perfect for the warmer months ahead!

Pearl & Opal

14K Yellow Gold Estate Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Ring, $71014K Yellow Gold Estate Cultured South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring, $3,12014K White Gold Estate Opal and Diamond Ring, $1,675

For when the ring is bold enough that a pop of color is not needed, you can never go wrong with a pearl or opal ring. Pearls are always an elegant and classic choice when it comes to jewelry, as are opal rings so you will be sure to look polished and timeless in one of these eye-catching cocktail rings. Each of these three rings is also adorned with additional diamonds so when you wear them you will be sure to sparkle!

Citrine & Quartz

14K Yellow Gold Estate Citrine and Diamond Ring, $85014K Yellow Gold Estate Citrine and Diamond Ring, $2,29514K Yellow Gold Estate Smoky Quartz Ring, $620

How could you not be the center of attention wearing one of these beautiful citrine and quartz cocktail rings? What makes a cocktail ring stand out from others is their dazzlingly large center stones. These three warm-hued rings in particular are catching our eyes as the biggest and boldest ones to beat!

Deep Purple

14K Yellow Gold Estate Star Ruby and Diamond Ring, $4,99518K White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Ring, $1,89518K White Gold Estate Amethyst and Diamond Ring, $2,495

Amethyst is, after all, the gemstone for the month of February so it is only fitting that we include some show-stopping deep purple amethyst cocktail rings in the mix. In addition to amethyst, we also could not resist including our stunning cabochon star ruby ring as well. If you choose to wear any of these striking purple estate cocktail rings this month, you will definitely not be missed!
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