Our Favorite Winter Proposal Ideas

Author Veronica Rose
Date Dec 13, 2019

Our Favorite Winter Proposal Ideas

Nervous about planning the perfect proposal? Let us help by sharing with you some wintery-themed proposal ideas brought to you by some of our very own Long's customers. With the holidays in no short supply, constant family time, and shorter, colder days, winter is actually one of the most popular seasons for couples to get engaged. And when you think about the beautiful snowy backdrops, the romantic lights everywhere, the warm fireplaces to cozy up to, it totally makes sense. Whether you are a 'summer' or a 'winter', a beach goer or snow lover, you have to admit - nothing makes a romantic photo pop quite like the snow!

Remember, when it comes to grand gestures, it is always the thought that counts the most - so make this special moment specifically tailored to you and your love. If you're planning your own proposal for the winter months, here are some ideas to get you started.

On Top of a Snowy Mountain
Our Favorite Winter Proposal Ideas

Brittany Beth Photography

This proposal is great for couples who love a good hike and the great outdoors. Your significant other will be so happy doing what they love with the one they love, they wont suspect a thing until you are down on one knee! You know them better than anyone so you know they always appreciate an opportunity for a hike; so when they realize what is happening, they'll be so happy and surprised. You can both take in the cold air, the fresh snow, and the breathtaking views as you say yes to the rest of your lives together.

During a Stroll through Twinkling Lights
Our Favorite Winter Proposal Ideas

One of the best things to do during the holiday season is check out all the beautiful lights set up around people’s homes, towns and especially the city! Take advantage of the beautiful, festive scenery right outside your door and make a night of it! The Christopher Columbus Park lights in the North End, as shown in the photo above, are particularly spectacular-making it an ideal spot for a romantic winter proposal.

Even if you live in an area where the lights are sparse, you can set up your own light display and get down on one knee under your own twinkling lights. Setting them up yourself guarantees that you will be getting the exact right aesthetic for your proposal and you can set it up in a private area to ensure the special moment will be intimate and away from the holiday crowds. It also adds a personal touch to a sweet moment. Your soon-to-be fiancé will definitely appreciate the extra effort!

On a Romantic Getaway
Our Favorite Winter Proposal Ideas

Ready for a romantic getaway? With the general bliss that comes with being on vacation, the magical sight-seeing, a dreamy winter snowfall, and not to mention the love of your life standing next to you, a faraway winter destination can be the perfect place to get down on one knee! In the photo above, Greg surprised Gita in front of a castle in Scotland (!) but your proposal doesn't have to be exactly like this couple's vacation moment. This is what will make it that much more special to you. Maybe you are somewhere you've never been before and it's mysterious and exciting. Or maybe you are visiting your significant others' home country and it is sweet and sentimental for them. Either way, you will be giving your soon-to-be-fiance a vacation they will never forget.

At a Festive Attraction
Our Favorite Winter Proposal IdeasOur Favorite Winter Proposal Ideas

During the cold, winter months, there is nothing better than getting in the holiday spirit! If your significant other loves the holiday seasons and everything that goes with them, then make their season extra bright with a surprise proposal! There are tons of holiday themed events going on throughout the winter months so there are plenty of options to choose from when planning your perfect proposal. You can walk through the famous La Salette Lights in Attleboro, MA, check out the infamous Ice Castles in N. Woodstock, NH, or you can get down on one knee in front of a twinkling tree like Matt did in the photo above. They will love that you know them so well and that their special moment will always be remembered as a fun and festive occasion.

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