7 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021


Having a unique engagement ring is something that some girls dream about. There is something so special about receiving an engagement ring that is different than anything else's. It could also be reflective of your uniqueness as a couple.

But finding a ring that is one-of-a-kind can be a challenge!

How unique is too unique? What if the style is too much or too little? What if she doesn't like it? When these questions start to pop up, it's time to consider all the small ways that you can find an engagement ring for her that is still considered unique.

Unique doesn't have to mean finding a ring that is over-the-top. There are many different things you can do in order to still get her a unique engagement ring. Here is a list of 7 different ways to find her an engagement ring that will be different than the rest:

1. Adding a fancy color diamond

To choose a ring that is truly unique, let's start at the top. The most popular engagement rings, as you probably expected, feature colorless diamonds. However, if you want to go over-the-top with the ring, consider one of the hottest trends in the diamond industry, fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy colored diamonds are formed when there are anomalies when the diamond is formed. Yellow diamonds, for example, are formed from excess concentration of nitrogen in the diamond's atomic structure. Pink diamonds are very rare and are the result of a structural defect that give them a pink hue.

Other fancy color diamonds include blue, gray, purple, brown, orange, and green. Fancy colored diamonds will cost more than colorless diamonds, but their colors are fascinating and their back stories are very unique. If you want an extravagant way to make her engagement ring special and unique, take a look at fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy Blue Diamond Ring (Call For Pricing)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

Fancy Blue and Pink Diamond Ring (Call For Pricing)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

2. Choosing a gemstone as the center stone instead of a diamond

A great way to find a more unique ring that is also a great value is to have a gemstone as the center stone of the ring instead of a diamond. Having a diamond as the center stone is what really drives the price of an engagement ring. Featuring a gemstone in the engagement ring is a great twist on the classic ring look that can also save you a lot of money if you have a tight budget.

There are so many beautiful gemstones for you to choose from, including sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Each gemstone can be found in different styles of rings, including styles that have diamonds to give the ring some sparkle. Depending on the setting and the rarity of the stone, the price for gemstone engagement rings can really range. But, buying a gemstone engagement ring is a perfect way to have something that is unique and different than the traditional diamond ring.

14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring ($6,400)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

Platinum Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring ($1,750)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

3. Having more than one metal type on the ring

If you can find a ring that has two different types and color of metal, the ring will be unique. This is a little more of a subtle detail that you can look for in rings, but it is a great way to add a little character to the ring without having to go too over-the-top.

If you look at the examples below, rings can feature white and yellow colors at the same time. This creates a different look that you can't find in many rings today. The difference can be subtle or pronounced a bit more. But, the different metals is really a great way to add a small twist on the ring that otherwise would be the same metal look throughout.

Vintage 14K Two Tone Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,775)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold and Yellow Sapphire Ring ($3,995)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring


4. Choosing a vintage ring

An easy way to find a unique engagement ring is to look for a vintage ring. Vintage engagement rings were designed differently than most of the engagement rings you would find today. Often times, vintage rings will feature details that are handmade and intricate. If it was handmade, the ring would probably not be perfectly symmetrical, but that adds to the charm of it. Modern rings, on the other hand, are normally mass-produced and wouldn't have these same imperfections.

Finding a vintage ring is like finding a small treasure. Each one will be unique, different, and special. If you are interested in browsing a wide assortment of rings, take a look at our current vintage engagement ring selection to see if you find anything you like.

Not to mention, vintage engagement rings are a great value. The price is typically less than modern rings, but they can still be great quality. These rings have already proven to withstand the test of time, so you can be assured that they are durable and long-lasting.

Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Ring ($8,690)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

Platinum and Diamond Solitaire Ring ($2,695)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring


5. Adding a pop of color

Another subtle way to make your engagement ring unique is to find a way to add a pop of color in the ring that'll make it just a little bit different than the rest. The color can be more obvious or just a subtle stone that is placed in the ring's setting.

There are many ways that you can add just a little bit of color to the ring. You can have colored gemstones along a halo that surrounds the center stone, or you can have them along the sides of the ring. Maybe if you really want to have a subtle detail, you can place a gemstone in a part of the ring that only you and her will ever know about. This could be on the inside of the ring or the bottom, depending on the style of the engagement ring.

Mixing diamonds and gemstones is a great way to achieve a unique engagement ring look. It adds something different to an otherwise standard diamond engagement ring.

14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring ($5,600)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring


Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Ring ($32,800)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring


6. Creating a custom engagement ring

One way to ensure that the ring is unlike any other engagement ring you would see someone else wearing is to custom create a ring using your own design! The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom ring creation. You can take bits and pieces of other rings you have seen or think of something that is completely new. Many jewelers offer custom ring creation; just make sure to look at their website or call to confirm.

Long's has been creating custom engagement rings for decades. Here are some of the custom rings that we have designed in the past to give you some inspiration:

7. Choosing a unique ring setting

if you still want to have a diamond as the focal point of the ring but want the ring to be unique in some way, having a different and unique ring setting could be the way that you set the engagement ring apart from the rest.

Today, there are thousands of engagement ring settings to choose from before you pick out the center stone of the ring. Most of the classic examples include plain metal bands or ones with small diamonds running along the sides. There are other common settings like a split shank. But, to make a setting truly unique and stand out, pick something that is unlike all the other more popular choices.

For instance, you could have a twisted band that wraps around the center diamond (see example below), or a setting that has a funky twist, like the beaded band you will see below. More and more jewelers are carrying unique wedding ring settings, like the two below, so that customers can find something different.

18K White Gold Solitaire 4-Prong Diamond Beaded Band Engagement Ring with Surprise Diamonds ($790)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring

Uniquely Classic LVE Round Diamond Engagement Ring (Call for Pricing)

6 Ways To Get Her A Unique Engagement Ring


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