Trend Alert: Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Author Taylor Rao
Date Oct 17, 2018

DSC_0096edit-786894-editedEveryone wants their engagement ring to be unique. It symbolizes a one-of-a-kind bond between two people, and it’s an accessory you’ll be sporting on your ring finger for the rest of your life, so it should reflect you and your style like nothing else does.

One way to be sure your engagement ring stands apart from the rest is to consider the idea of a colored stone instead of a traditional diamond. Gemstones are truly special and come in the variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Some stones have even gained a boost in popularity when celebs like Kate Middleton and Eva Longoria said, “Yes” to colored stone rings.

If you’re thinking a colored stone could be the right engagement ring style for you, check out some of our favorite colored stones perfect for engagement rings!

Pastel Sapphires


One of the key differences between diamonds and other gemstones is that some gemstones don’t have the durability that an engagement ring stone needs to be able to be worn on a daily basis. Luckily, sapphires meet all the requirements to make it a strong physical competitor to the qualities of a diamond.

Aside from the traditional blue sapphire (also on trend, by the way), sapphires come in many other colors like white, pink, yellow, purple and orange. A white sapphire can closely resemble a diamond, but for a fraction of the price, while the pastel colors complement other day-to-day jewelry and stand out just a touch more.



Spinel, which is most closely associated with its red, ruby color--but isn’t actually a ruby after all--has a historic past dating back to Henry VIII’s Crown. The crown featured the Black Prince's Ruby, actually a large spinel weighing 170 carats. Today the famous spinel is set in the front of the Imperial State Crown of England. Talk about royal vibes! The deep red color of spinel is vibrant, unique and has a stunning amount of depth and shine.

If the ruby color isn’t for you, but you’re still thinking about a colored gemstone, a black, grey or purple spinel ring is sure to add some sass and sparkle to your ring finger. The black spinel is one of the rarest minerals in the spinel family and is as non-traditional as it is beautiful.



Garnet is the perfect type of colored stone for a bride-to-be looking for a vintage-inspired engagement ring with a stone that has some meaning behind it. The garnet has a spiritual significance, and is described as a stone that represents physical love and relationships.

This stone is way more than just January’s birthstone, and, in fact, not all garnets are dark red in color. Garnets can be found in purple, pink, orange, yellow and green, which means you can search for the perfect color that represents you and your partnership.

You could also make your engagement ring even more unique by including both diamonds and colored stones into your special look. If you're having trouble finding an engagement ring that fits your style, try working with one of our expert jewelers to create the perfect ring for you. Visit one of our Long’s Jewelers locations today to shop the latest trends in colored stone engagement rings!

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