How to Travel with the Engagement Ring (and Keep it a Secret)

Author Long's Jewelers
Date Feb 15, 2021

Ok, so you got the ring, you’ve mapped out all the details of the proposal and you are ready to pop the question... Now you just need to travel with her to your proposal destination without her finding out. You need to be flawless and you've never done this before... so here is some advice to help you get it right:

Travel with the engagement ring

1.) Ditch the box. It’s much easier to hide the ring when it isn’t in the box. It’s smaller and it can fit practically anywhere discretely. Wrap it up in something she won’t explore (yes that could mean your underwear or socks). Just make sure you know exactly where it is. Keep the box at home and give it to her when you get back.

2.) Try to carry the ring somewhere on your body. If you aren’t getting on a plane and going through a security check, keep the ring safe on your body. Wrap it up and put it in your wallet or a secure pocket. Got cargo pants? They were made for hiding engagement rings.

3.) If flying, do you hide the ring in the carry-on bag or the checked bag? This is the toughest question and there’s no easy answer. Checked bags occasionally get delayed or lost. Meanwhile, carry-ons run the risk of being searched by security in front of your soon-to-be fiancé and could possibly ruin the surprise. We recommend putting it in the carry-on because the ring will always be in your possession and will never leave your sight. If you are worried about security agents ruining the surprise, write on an index card “I’m traveling with my girlfriend so please help me keep this ring a secret.” Flash the card if necessary.

Good luck and travel safe!

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