Top 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings

Author Veronica Rose
Date Jun 21, 2019

Photo taken at Jenness Beach in Rye, NH by Brit Perkins Photography

From its many lakes and mountains to the lush hiking trails and scenic seacoast, New Hampshire is known for its abundance of beauty and nature. With so much to offer, it's no wonder New Hampshire's popular engagement ring choices are also full of beauty. And with a state motto as notorious and palpable as "live free or die" this independent spirit is further reflected in its popular ring styles. While there are some engagement rings trending throughout all of New England like the diamond halo, our New Hampshire brides-to-be do have a notable eye for unconventional rings that make them stand out from the rest.

There are six engagement ring styles in New Hampshire that truly shine. So if you're a soon-to-be New Hampshire bride, definitely keep these top trending styles in mind!

1) Diamond HaloTop 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings
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The halo engagement ring is undeniably one of the most popular styles today, and for good reason! With smaller diamonds surrounding a center stone, it creates an illusion that the ring is actually larger than it might really be. It is a great addition to any gemstone and most brides-to-be prefer this alternative to a larger diamond as it adds to the diamond's volume and brilliance without adding as much to the budget. And while many might believe a halo setting only works on a round stone, it can actually be added to any cut and made into many different unconventional yet beautiful shapes such as princess, asscher, cushion, pear and oval. Do you like the look of a round halo but want something that sticks out? Switch up the traditional look of white gold or platinum for rose or yellow gold to get that additional "wow" factor.

2) Rose Gold and Platinum MountingTop 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings
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This mounting is truly unique and especially popular in our Nashua, NH location. Both romantic and durable, you will definitely be seeing more of this alternative-styled engagement ring. This look is created by fusing together both the strong and durable metal, platinum with the pink tint of rose gold to create an entirely new, yet feminine ring.

This multiple metal band makes a bold statement by choosing to go a different route from the classic white or yellow gold metal. It can also serve as a compromise for a couple with competing tastes. Grooms may hesitate to choose rose gold and may lean more towards platinum for a stronger, more durable metal. Incorporating platinum in your mounting gives you a bit more piece of mind, as it allows for your ring to withstand normal wear and tear-especially if you're hitting those hiking trails or rough white mountains! So if you want to match your metal to him but also add your own soft touch, this two-tone ring is the perfect solution.

3) Twist ShankTop 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings
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If you are looking for a unique spin on the traditional mounting, twisted shanks are the way to go. Split or twist shanks are engagement ring mountings that are split into two pieces and molded into new and different designs. Round solitaire engagement rings will never go out of style but in New Hampshire, brides-to-be have been opting for new ways to spice this traditional ring up and stay true to their personal tastes. This simple yet versatile style also offers a fun new way to incorporate more diamonds into their engagement ring. Gaining traction in the last few years, New Hampshire brides are loving this modern twist on the classic solitaire engagement ring.

4) Semi-BezelTop 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings
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Like the bezel setting, semi-bezel rings include a smooth edge that surrounds the diamond and like its name suggests, the semi-bezel arcs around just half of the diamond. The reason people are so drawn to this unconventional styled engagement ring is that it protects your stone while also showing off the diamond's shape and brilliance. Once again, this ring style is popular for a bride-to-be that wants to step away from the traditional engagement ring look so it only makes sense that we are seeing an uptick in popularity for New Hampshire. A ring with a semi-bezel setting looks absolutely gorgeous in any metal and with any kind of stone. Whether you are working with a diamond and rose gold metal like the ring shown above or you have a sapphire in a platinum mounting, this modern style adds a contemporary flourish to any ring.

5) VintageTop 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings
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Founded in 1788 and rich with American history, New Hampshire is no stranger to the past! This includes their love of historical jewelry,demonstrated by the high demand in vintage engagement rings. Nothing beats a timeless look. For the bride that loves a connection to the past or simply just likes the look better, vintage rings are a gorgeous choice for engagement rings. Vintage rings come in all shapes, styles and sizes, spanning many decades, including eras such as the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. For a much smaller cost, vintage rings offer history and enduring beauty, it is no wonder why vintage rings are chosen time and again by New Hampshire brides.

6) Sapphire AccentsTop 6 Most Popular New Hampshire Engagement Rings
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A common trend with engagement rings is to incorporate a stone you might already have or inherited. This explains why sapphire accented engagement rings are so big in New Hampshire. Maybe you have a diamond or sapphire from your mom or grandma that you want to make your own.

We have seen contemporary brides prefer sapphires more and more each year and they are only increasing in popularity, thanks to the new generation of royals keeping this trend alive. Symbolizing love, truth and commitment, sapphire accents are a great way to add a personal touch and pop of color to your forever ring. As this will be the ring you wear for the rest of your life, opting for a colored accent is the perfect way to ensure it will be a reflection of your unique style and secure the sentimental bond between you and your spouse.

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