A Long's Proposal Story: Sonja & Kendall

Author Long's Staff
Date Mar 12, 2021

Our very own bridal buyer is engaged! Read on to see how Kendall surprised Sonja with a stunning, new diamond ring. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"Kendall’s friend and my friend had recently started dating when we all went to visit her at UMass Amherst for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. The two of us immediately hit it off, and, although we did not go on an official date until almost a year later, we both knew the first weekend we met something special was happening that we just could not deny. Six years, many adventures, and one dog later, here we are!"


How did he propose?

"It was the day after my 29th birthday, and Kendall and I were at my parents’ house celebrating my birthday with my family. After I finished opening gifts, Kendall took my hand and told me to come stand next to him. Making his way to the middle of the living room, with my parents, siblings, and nephews surrounding us, he put his hand in his pocket, and I suddenly realized what was happening. Completely shocked and caught off guard as he got down on one knee, I immediately dropped to the ground. I could not believe what was happening. Kendall proceeded to tell me how much he loves me and that he wanted the people who care about me most to be there for this moment. And then he said it, 'Sonja Renee Swanfeldt, will you marry me?'

Luckily, my family got a video because I completely blacked out in pure happiness during the entire proposal. Of course, I said yes, and we celebrated the rest of the night and the rest of the weekend. We both feel so grateful to have found that person who is our perfect balance to spend the rest of our lives with, and we are so happy Long’s was able to be involved in such a special time and milestone in our life together. Cheers to the next chapter!"


Tell us about the engagement ring!

"My engagement ring is an oval diamond set in a yellow gold Precision Set solitaire mounting. I am fully obsessed and still cannot stop staring at it!"