What Characterizes Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

Author David Millette
Date Feb 15, 2021

When browsing engagement rings, you've probably seen a few rings that feature square or rectangular diamonds. These are typically princess cut engagement rings, and they are the second most popular style of ring in today's market (right behind the round brilliant diamond).

Princess cut diamonds are a fancy cut that can be identified by their rectangular crown and pyramid shape when viewed from the side. This intricate cut is known for its brilliance, which is considered to be second only to the round brilliant cut.

Part of the princess cut's brilliance comes from their facet pattern, meaning that it is designed for sparkle. Each facet on a princess cut engagement ring is designed to reflect as much light back to your eyes as possible.

Princess cut engagement ringPrincess Cut engagement ring

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The pyramid shape is an identifying feature of princess cut diamonds, but it also serves to conserve as much of the rough diamond as possible. By using a princess cut, diamond cutters use 60% of the rough diamond on average. In comparison, round brilliant cut diamonds use roughly 50% of a rough diamond. Since there is less waste when cutting a princess diamond, the per carat price is around ten percent cheaper than a comparable round brilliant cut diamond.

One thing to keep in mind. Princess cut diamonds may be more affordable, but the cut also makes the stone appear smaller when viewed from the top. On average, the surface area of a princess cut diamond's crown is 10% smaller than that of a round brilliant cut.

princess cut engagement ringPrincess cut engagement ring

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The fancy shape of princess cut diamonds requires some special attention when being placed in a setting. The corners of the stone are the most fragile area and are also the most likely to have inclusions. A princess cut engagement ring's setting should cover all corners to keep them safe from chipping and to hide any eye sores that they might contain.

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