4 Oval Engagement Ring Styles We're Loving Right Now

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Jan 15, 2017

Oval Engagement Rings We're Loving Right Now

When it comes to engagement rings, just like in fashion, there are everchanging trends in settings, stone shapes and metal types. So what is the latest trend? Oval engagement rings are officially the new up and coming style!

We are seeing these oval stunners everywhere. They are now a staple in many of our designer engagement ring lines and are even gracing the hands of some of our favorite Boston Fashion Bloggers and a recent Bachelorette. It's no wonder the oval diamond is gaining so much popularity. This regal, rounded shape will elongate your finger (and maximize carat size) so you get more bang for your buck while looking fabulous.

There's a reason why Kate Middleton wears an oval engagement ring and it's not just because it was once Princess Diana's. It's because oval cut stones exude elegance. As soon as you slip an oval engagement ring on your finger, it will create an ultra regal effect fit for a princess. If you want a trending ring with lasting, classic style, an oval engagement ring is for you! Check out some of our favorite oval styles:

1. Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Sylivie classic halo diamond engagement ring precision set 18k white gold oval diamond engagement ring

Rings Featured: Sylvie Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, Precision Set 18K White Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

If you really want your oval stone to pop and look larger than the actual carat size, then you can set it in a diamond halo setting. Oval diamond halo settings come in many different styles and sizes, whether you want a delicate or over-the-top look. The rings shown above are two perfect examples of oval diamond halo engagement rings. You can achieve a more glamorous look by adding diamonds to the band or go for a more simple look with a plain band.

This oval engagement ring style got hugely popular after it graced the finger of Andi from The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, she didn't get to keep her sparkler, but it inspired this gorgeous engagement style even years after.

2. Yellow & Rose Gold Oval Engagement Rings

ritani oval cut solitare diamond engagement ring in 18k yellow gold ritani oval cut diamond micropave band engagement ring in 18k rose gold

Rings featured: Ritani Oval Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Ritani Oval Cut Diamond Micropave Band Engagement Ring in 18K Rose Gold (Contact for details)

Break away with tradition by choosing a colored metal with your oval stone! Both yellow and rose gold have recently been trending, and we don't see them going away any time soon. Many of today's brides-to-be are stepping away from traditional white metals and want something unique they can call their own. If you fall under this category, then a colored metal ring might just be the choice for you. As you can see above, engagement ring designer Ritani does a great job of mixing oval diamonds with yellow and rose gold settings.

3. Colored Gemstones Oval Engagement Rings

ritani oval sapphire and micropave diamond ring ritani oval sappire and double micropave diamond ring

Ring Featured: Ritani Oval Sapphire and Micropave Diamond Ring, Ritani Oval Sapphire and Double Micropave Diamond Ring (Contact for details)

If you're dreaming of the Kate Middleton look, then incorporating a colored gemstone, like a sapphire, will make you look and feel like royalty. Just like a oval shaped diamond, an oval shaped colored gemstone has the same effect of a bigger look while being very eye catching. Colored gemstones like sapphires and rubies are a very popular alternative for a non-traditional ring option. We love colored gemstones in engagement rings because they add an extra personal touch, which can make your ring even more sentimental.

Learn more about fancy colored engagement rings >>> https://www.longsjewelers.com/blogs/engagement/fancy-colored-diamond-engagement-rings 

4. Classic Oval Engagement Rings

ritani oval ut french-set diamond v engagement ring with surprise diamonds ritani ovsl cut solitaire diamond cahedral engagement ring

Rings featured: Ritani Oval Cut French-Set Diamond "V" Engagement Ring with Surprise Diamonds, Ritani Oval Cut Solitaire Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring (Contact for details)

You can't go wrong when it come to a classic style ring. They look good on any finger and match with any personal style. The two rings above by Ritani are very different, but show two stunning variations that have become classics over the years.

The oval cut french-set diamond "V" engagement ring uses a split shank design which makes the band wider allowing the ring to sit more comfortably on your finger. This is perfect for someone who wants the large look the oval diamond offers, but doesn't want the actual size of the stone to make the ring shift off balance, especially if you have a smaller finger.

If classic and traditional is your thing, then your number one choice has to be an oval solitaire. You can't get more classic than that! Having an oval diamond in a solitaire setting makes the diamond the main focus and what everyone admires first.

Convinced an oval engagement ring is for you? Make an appointment or visit any of our New England locations where any of our diamond specialists will be happy to help!

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