A Long's Proposal Story: Mary & Jason

Author Long's Staff
Date Feb 15, 2021

A sunset walk on the beach ends in the best way possible! Read on to see how Jason surprised Mary with her beautiful, new ring during a trip to Cape Cod. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"We met through Match! I tried the one week trial being offered right before Valentine's Day in 2018, and Jason was one of my first matches. When the trial was about to expire, I sent one last message to Jason saying I didn’t want to keep using the app, but I would actually like to get to know him more and sent him my number. Twenty minutes later I received a text from him, and the rest is history!"

How did he propose?

"We were going to go to Florida back in May for our two year anniversary and my birthday, but due to COVID-19 and quarantine, we decided to postpone it to August. Then back in July, the cases started to increase in Florida, which made us both uncomfortable to travel so we cancelled the Florida trip. Since we already had the time off, we decided to just spend our vacation on the Cape in South Yarmouth. This way we were staying in state and in a place that is near and true to my heart. I had an inkling Jason was going to propose, but I didn’t know exactly when so I just waited and hoped he would while we were there. Then sure enough, on the third evening of the trip after a nice dinner and a round of mini golf, we decided to go for a sunset walk on the beach where Jason finally proposed! Of course, I said yes!"


Tell us about the engagement ring!

"My engagement ring is a Henri Daussi cushion cut diamond ring with a halo. I always wanted a cushion cut diamond with a halo and a unique band - and I got just that! We went to Long's in Peabody where we worked with Jen, who was awesome! I remember we went in right after Valentine's Day to look at rings, and a week later I decided I wanted to go back and re-look at the ones I picked out. When we arrived, Jen remembered us and said they just received a new ring in the store she automatically thought I would love - and she was right! That was my ring, and I'm still loving my choice many months later."

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