Is the Ring Before the Ring the Newest Engagement Trend?

Author Taylor Rao
Date Feb 15, 2021


An engagement ring has a lot of significance. It’s one of the most expensive purchases a person can make and has a sentimental value even higher than its price tag. So, when you’re making that kind of investment --in a person and in a piece of jewelry --you want to make sure you get it right.

And while it’s up to you to make sure you’ve picked the right partner before the ring comes into play, there’s a new trend that can help you get the assistance you need to make sure you pick the perfect engagement ring in the next step of the process: it’s called the ring before the ring.


The ring before the ring is exactly what it seems like --it’s a ring your fiancé-to-be can buy without the added stress of it being “the one.” This ring will be inside the box when he or she pops the question, but after you’re done clinking the champagne glasses, you can shop for the right ring together.

“This is a very special moment that happens only once,” says Judd Rottenberg, owner and diamond specialist at Long’s Jewelers. “It can be difficult, so talk to each other beforehand to understand expectations. You can always create a surprise still.”


Wait, what?! The name alone sounds, well, expensive. But that’s not the point. One ring is enough of an investment, but the reason this trend has come into being is because of the pressure finding the perfect ring can put on your significant other.

You’ve heard enough proposal stories to know it’s nearly impossible to not let nerves get the best of you during such a highly-anticipated moment, so why not take away the stress of the ring until after you’ve taken the first step towards a lifelong promise? As much as the proposal is about the ring (and yes, the ring photo is great for social media), don’t lose sight of the fact that the moment signifies a big commitment and an overwhelming moment of emotion and happiness.

Of course the last thing you want is an underwhelming moment, but think of it like this: the ring before the ring can be a piece of fashion jewelry that can be worn all the time or while your engagement ring is getting sized or cleaned. And when your significant other opens that box during the proposal, A) you’re both living in the moment and not getting caught up in the tangible details, and B) it’s like opening up a gift card where you get to select exactly what you want.


Rottenberg says it’s becoming more common for couples to shop for engagement ring together rather than relying on the bride-to-be’s best friend or closest family member to guide such a big purchase. As much as Pinterest boards and celebrity ring envy can get someone started on their ideal style, the shopping experience of trying rings on in person and building a relationship with a knowledgeable diamond expert can make you feel more confident in the ring you’ll be rockin’ for life.

So, if you’re up for a post-engagement shopping sesh with your new fiancé, don’t be shy about suggesting the ring-before-the ring idea to see if this method might work for you as a couple. If you’re super particular or do everything together, it might be worth jumping on board with the trend.

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