Insider Tips: How To Pull Off The Perfect Fenway Proposal

Author Cristina LaPenna
Date Feb 15, 2021

Boston. Fenway Park. The Green Monster. True Love.

And no, we don't mean 'True Love,' as in your life-long obsession with the Red Sox, we mean 'True Love' as in your significant other!

One of the biggest moments of your life is upon you - Asking the one to spend the rest of your lives together. But, how do you make a lasting impression while keeping the proposal itself perfectly tailored to your significant other's likes, interest, hobbies, or passions? If you and your significant other are die hard Red Sox fans (like most of the greater Boston area), there may be no better way to pop the question than while watching pop-ups and eating popcorn at a baseball game.

Because we pride ourselves on being your go-to jeweler for how Boston gets engaged, we found out every detail that you would need to know if you were looking to propose to your significant other at Fenway.

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The Basics:

  1. First thing's first - The team at Fenway prides themselves in only allowing 1 proposal per game, which happens at the end of the 5th inning. If you have a specific date or game in mind, you should book your proposal early. All dates and games are first come, first serve and they begin booking in March. Because there are approximately 64 proposals at Fenway each year, premium games such as Yankee games and weekend games go much faster. Although you still are able to request an in-game proposal 2 days before a game if it is available, we still recommend booking them more in advance to make sure that you get the game that you want.

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The Specifics:

  1. There are two types of proposals that you can request during any Red Sox game - A regular scoreboard proposal, or a live proposal. Both require a donation to benefit the Red Sox Foundation, the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox, and the non-profit children's programs that it supports.

  2. While both are amazing, we would recommend the live proposal to us over the regular proposal for a couple of key reasons, although if you are seriously considering proposing to your partner at Fenway, you should go with what would be best for your significant other.

Regular Scoreboard Proposal – Minimum $250 Donation

Your marriage proposal would appear on the scoreboard at the end of the 5th inning. This would appear on the New Balance scoreboard in right field so you would need to be in a position to see the board as it is not visible from all seat locations. Upon successful completion you will receive a congratulatory goodie bag from a nearby Fenway Ambassador. This proposal shows just the message, and they do not have a camera person for a live shot.

The regular scoreboard proposal is perfect for those who like a little attention but don't love being the one in the immediate lime light, or just are generally embarrassed when on camera.

Live Proposal – Minimum $350 Donation:

The live proposal is disguised in a ceremony they call “Fans of the Game." You would meet a Fenway Ambassador at the Gate B Fan Information Table at the beginning of the bottom of the 4th inning - Which means that your seat location does not matter as this is an out of seat experience, so you could pick whatever seats you want! Your message would go up at the end of the 5th on the center field scoreboard unless told otherwise.

Fenway Park Live Proposal - Flickr Lorianne DiSabato

You would then give the Ambassador the “Fans of the Game” certificate (this will be emailed to you beforehand). Once you have handed in the certificate you would be aware that a trivia question will be asked and that you will provide the right answer thus making you both our "Fans of the Game" prize winners (This is a decoy so that your spouse doesn't suspect anything). You both, along with any guests, would then be escorted to the Budweiser Roof Deck where you would be shown on the scoreboard as the “Fans of the Game." You are then able to propose, while your significant other is thinking they are waving to the crowd (The message "____ will you marry me?" will appear below your live images on the screen, and when the message appears, that is your cue to propose). Upon completion you will receive a congratulatory goodie bag from your Fenway Ambassador. You will also later receive a video of the proposal via email.

We love the live proposal, because it's the over the top experience that most people want when they are proposing at Fenway. It is the perfect way to excite and then surprise your significant other, all while getting the proposal on camera!

  1. Alternative Ideas To The Scoreboard Proposals:

While the awesome people at Fenway can't light up the sky with fireworks or allow you on the field to propose (sorry!) there are other ways that you can ask your significant other for their hand in marriage.

One of the most popular alternatives is through the tour department. They allow proposals during the public tours of Fenway Park, where you still are able to show a scoreboard message. This is perfect for those who can't wait for the regular season but still want to propose at Fenway, or are only in Boston for a few days and can't get the specific game they want for a proposal.

Another creative way to propose would be to rent out one of Fenway Parks many spaces for a night. While the price varies depending on the space, you are then able to work closely with the events staff to make sure your proposal is truly unique.

  1. Is This For You?:

  1. One of the biggest fears that people have about asking their significant other is being denied in front of thousands of strangers, on live camera, in the eye of the public. But, don't fret! We haven't heard of any proposals gone wrong, and considering all of the proposal that happen each year, that is a pretty good average!

  1. As for a few tips on how you could make sure your proposal goes as smoothly as the one's before, just make sure you play it cool. If you act surprised, your partner will never expect a thing!

  1. Convinced that a Fenway Park proposal is perfect for you and your significant other?

  2. Contact: Todd Kulakowski (Fenway Ambassador)
    Boston Red Sox

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