August Birthstone: Everything You Never Knew About Peridot's History

Author Veronica Rose
Date Aug 25, 2021

Peridot, the birthstone for August, has a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Considered to be one of the oldest gemstones, discovered around 1500 BC, it is now known that the Egyptians would mine a deep green gemstone on an island deep in the Red Sea called Topazios, now known as St. John’s Island or Zabargad. The legend states that the people of the island were forced to mine for the Peridot stone by an Egyptian Pharoah day and night despite the island being infested with snakes. It has always been associated with light but the Egyptians even called it “the gem of the sun”, as the island inhabitants were still able to see the stone even at night due to its beautiful night time “glow”.



From the earliest times, people confused this stone—now known to be peridot—with other gems. It was one of many incorrectly labeled as “topaz” and of course, mistaken for emerald many times as well. There is even evidence to suggest that Cleopatra’s infamous collection of Emeralds was actually Peridot although this debate is still a mystery today. Despite this, Peridot’s history is undoubtedly connected to Egypt and it is even known as the national gem of Egypt today.



The gemstone peridot is refreshing and unlike any other with its bright light green hue. This stone is one of the only stones to be found in just one color. This color being its most defining characteristic is often compared to that of freshly cut grass or olives depending on how yellow/brown the stone is. Peridot’s with a rich, deep olive color are considered the most rare. With its bright green color, this stone is often associated with nature, good health, harmony, and peacefulness. It is even known to bring a restful sleep as people of ancient times believed by setting it in gold and wearing it during sleep, it would ward them of nightmares. The stone of compassion, Peridot brings renewal to all things and the wisdom to handle the energy of conflict, calming anger and restlessness. It’s ability to open its wearer’s hearts, clears the heart of negative energy, clearing the way for more grace, happiness, light and beauty to enter one’s life.

When it comes to Peridot jewelry, this stone provides a beautiful connection to the past, extra peace, and of course a gorgeous colored gemstone to add to your collection.

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