6 Adorable Ways To Include A Dog In Your Proposal

Author Long's Staff
Date Dec 1, 2020

6 Adorable Ways To Include A Dog In Your Proposal

So your girlfriend is a total dog lover. Her pup has always come first and you not only had to win her heart, but her dog's heart too. Or maybe she's always dreamed of owning her first dog. You bought her the ring of her dreams and are ready to make that major leap and propose. But there's one thing... you know you HAVE to include a furry friend in the proposal.

Sometimes it can be hard to get a dog to cooperate exactly how you've planned. You want the proposal to go as smoothly as possible and using animals can be tricky, we get it! To help you out, we've curated a list of the top six easiest and cutest ways to include a dog to make the proposal that much more special. Check out these adorable and simple ways to create the proposal of her dreams:

1) Attach The Engagement Ring To The Collar

Ideas For Using Dogs in ProposalsNow this proposal idea can be done in many different ways. For example, have the dog wake her with the ring around his collar in the morning, or have her come "check something out" on the adorable dog. There are many variations on this tip, but we suggest buying some beautiful ribbon and looping the ring on this, then loosely tying it in a bow around the dogs neck. This will make it more noticeable and look amazing in the dozens of pictures she's bound to take after she says "yes."

2) Surprise Her With A Puppy

Ideas For Using Dogs in Proposals
Have you guys been talking about getting a dog? Well this is the perfect opportunity to stun her. Mention to her you have a big surprise. Her mind will go all sorts of places coming up with possible scenarios, even the idea of you proposing of course. So when you have it all planned out and are ready to propose, throw a puppy into her arms! Her mind will be completely thrown off. She will be so distracted she won't even notice that you're down on one knee.

Another variation of this proposal idea is to loosely tie the engagement ring around the puppies neck with ribbons, but be careful, because puppies LOVE to eat whatever they can get their paws on.

3) Order A Customized Sweater For The Dog

Is she all about dressing her dog up in the cutest shirts and sweaters? Maybe her dog has a bigger wardrobe than you do. If so, this is your chance to really impress her... and her pup! Order a customized sweater for her dog with the writing "will you marry me" on it. This one takes a little more planning and a little more time but is totally worth the effort. When the day comes, dress the furry friend up in its outfit and have it run into the room. Or even shout out "Hey sweetie, come here. Look what I got Buddy!" This is SURE to make her smile.

4) Create A Customized Dog Tag

Another extremely creative idea: customizing a dog tag with the words "will you marry me" on it. This is a great way to totally shock her with your proposal. What you can do is order the new dog tag with the big question written on it, and when the time comes, casually ask her if she can put the new tag on her dog's collar. This proposal idea is casual and extremely nonchalant that she will have no idea what's coming. This is one of the best ways to totally take her by surprise because she will so not be expecting you to pop the question. Once she realizes what the dog tag says, you can be down on one knee and asking her for her hand in marriage. Simple as that!

5) Loosely Hang A Sign From The Dog's Neck

Ideas For Using Dogs in Proposals
This one is pretty simple. Create a sign that says "will you marry me?" and hang it around the dog's neck. It can also be more clever, like the example above. You can print out the text, write it by hand, or even buy a sign at a store! Whatever you decide, this is sure to make her smile. All you have to do is call her into the room, have the pup sitting, and then get down on one knee. Once she sees the sign, you can give her the romantic speech you've been going over in your head for days, and the rest is history!

If you want a more formal, romantic set up, try hanging a sign around the dog's neck that gives her directions to a specific location. Once she arrives, you can have the place covered in flowers with candles lit. Now you can get down on one knee in a more intimate setting.

6) Use A Trail Of Dog Treats

Does she take her dog on a regular afternoon walk? If so, this proposal idea might be for you. While she's out on her routine walk with her pup, set up a trail of dog treats that leads from the front door, to a part of your apartment or house that you want to propose in. At the end of the trail, create a gorgeous scenery with pictures, flowers, candles, signs, and whatever you think will wow her the most. This spot is where you propose. She will be so intrigued by all the effort you put into the proposal that she will definitely say yes!

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