Trending Now: Top Diamond Shapes In Boston

Author Veronica Rose
Date Apr 23, 2021

Whether you've fallen in love with the idea of a halo ring, a classic solitaire, or a three-stone, choosing the shape of the diamond is another big decision you'll have to make to craft your dream engagement ring! A diamond halo, for instance, can feature a round, cushion, oval, or princess cut diamond.

So which diamond shape is right for you? There are a lot of different factors you'll want to consider when choosing your diamond shape, like the sparkle-potential, price and rarity of that particular shape.

You might also want to consider what's popular right now in your area and understand why. We've recently seen these four diamond shapes dominating the Boston market:

1) Brilliant Round Diamond Cut

Season's Most Popular Diamond Cuts Brilliant Round DIamond Cut
Featuring: Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire 

There really is nothing like a classic round brilliant cut diamond. This has been and continues to be the front runner when it comes to most popular diamond cuts. Considered America's favorite diamond cut, this stone shape represents over 75% of all diamonds sold. Whether it's set as a solitaire, square halo, round halo, etc. a round diamond will catch the light and sparkle unlike any other!

Round diamonds have the potential to be the most brilliant because a perfectly cut round diamond amplifies both the sparkle and brightness of the stone more than any other cut. This enhances the way the light reflects back to your eyes, giving your diamond that extra wow-factor. If you want your diamond to catch they eyes of everyone in the room, a perfectly cut brilliant round diamond will not disappoint!

2) Cushion Diamond Cut

Featuring: Cushion cut diamond with a pavé Mark Patterson setting (A Long's Proposal Story: Gina & Patrick)

Named after its pillow (cushion) shape, the second most popular diamond cut of the season combines the beloved round cut and square princess cut. This fancy cut diamond has been making a comeback and growing in popularity each year - especially with halo settings and vintage-inspired designs! Unlike the round diamond, a cushion will have a more cluttered center and as a result will reflect the light in a different and unique way.

Interestingly enough, these diamonds have actually been around for over 200 years, and for the first century they were even the most popular of the diamond cuts. The version of the cushion cut diamond you would find today modified this vintage cut to optimize the sparkle and brilliance of the stone. Thanks to these modifications, we've seen the cushion cut's popularity continue to grow.

3) Oval Diamond Cut

Season's Most Popular Diamond Cuts Oval Diamond Cut
Featuring: Platinum Oval Diamond Halo and Diamond Band (A Long's Proposal Story: Katelyn & Matthew)

Oval shaped engagement rings have become extremely popular in the past few years and only continues to grow more. This beautiful cut is second to round as one of the most brilliant and sparkly diamonds. Its distinct shape is a more traditional alternative to the modern round cut, especially to brides who are looking for something to stand out. Another benefit to an oval cut? The long shape will give the appearance of a bigger diamond. If you're looking for a diamond with a more unique feel, but with similar brilliance and sparkle to round cut - an oval cut is an obvious choice.

4) Princess Diamond Cut

Season's Most Popular Diamond Cuts Princess Diamond Cut
Featuring: Princess Cut Center Stone in Ritani Square Diamond Halo Diamond Band (A Long's Proposal Story: David & Jani)

Although princess cut diamonds typically don't sparkle as much as a round brilliant, they are still one of the top picks for engagement rings year after year! Created in the 1980s, the square shape of princess cut diamonds give an engagement ring a completely different look. This unique style is considered a "fancy cut" and perfect if you prefer a square shape over round. Princess cut is often less expensive per-carat than a round or oval cut diamond and the four-sided pyramid shape looks absolutely amazing with a square halo (see image above).

Although this remains one of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings, a princess cut diamond is a more unique center stone than a round diamond. In addition to the square halo, a princess cut will look amazing as a solitaire and in almost any other style.

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