5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

Author Jen Whitley
Date Feb 15, 2021

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

Curious if a custom design engagement ring is right for you? Well let's say you've begun your hunt to find the perfect ring. You've learned all about the 4 c's and have started browsing different styles, designers, and selections at multiple stores. Something just isn't clicking, and you can't seem to find her the perfect ring.

But...maybe the ring you are looking for doesn't actually exist already! Custom ring design may be exactly what you're looking for.

Like it sounds, a custom design engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind ring that is designed and created just for her. This option allows for you to get exactly what you are looking for. Still not sure if this route is for you? Check out these five times you should definitely consider custom designing an engagement ring:

1) When You Can't Find A Ring

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

You've searched endlessly to find her the ring of her dreams but haven't yet found something that will wow her. Maybe it's even been months and you're frustrated! You've seen certain styles and aspects of rings you know she would love, but you haven't found one ring that has incorporated it all. If you have explored all options at numerous stores and still haven't landed on a perfect ring, designing a custom engagement ring is for you.

When designing a custom ring, you can incorporate all the things you love about different rings into one. This way, you have all the gorgeous features packed in to create the ideal ring of her dreams. Get her exactly what she wants by designing a custom engagement ring.

2) When You Have A Specific Design In Mind

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

You're ready to propose and have an extremely unique, intricate design already planned out. You have your mind completely set and don't even want to look at other options because you are SO certain of the exact design. Well if this is the case, custom design is definitely your best bet.

Or maybe you're an artist, or even an engineer, and know the exact positioning, angles, and creative artistry you want her ring to have. When you are creating a custom design engagement ring, you can work hands-on with the designer to make the perfect piece.

3) When You Already Have A Stone

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

Maybe you have a stone that has been in your family for generations that you know you want to incorporate. Or even something you bought loose and want to work with. Whatever it is, this is definitely a great option to use the stone you have in exactly the way you want. Design the ring to perfectly fit that special stone and make her the gorgeous engagement ring she's always wanted!

4) When You Have A Heirloom Ring

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

Let's say you have an engagement ring that has been passed down in your family for as long as one can remember. You know you want to use the ring but feel it isn't the best fit for the woman you are about to propose to. You don't want to buy her a brand new ring because you know she will appreciate the significance of the heirloom ring. So what can you do?

Well this is a time you might want to consider customizing the ring. Custom designing an engagement ring doesn't necessarily mean building one from scratch; it might mean changing only a few things on the ring. It could mean adding accent stones, filigree or engraving, or using the stones and re-working it into another setting. Whatever it is, you can work with an heirloom ring to make it a perfect fit for her.

5) When You Want To Give Her A One-Of-A-Kind Ring

5 Times To Consider Custom Designing An Engagement Ring

A special ring for a special lady. You know she wants something unique, and you want to give her something that actually no one else will have. You want her to quite literally have a one-of-a-kind ring. The best way to insure that no one else on the planet will have her exact ring is to custom design it. When custom designing an engagement ring, you are able to create that gorgeous ring with all that much more emotional meaning. Yes it takes a little more time and planning, but giving her something she will know you helped design and make is that much more special and only adds to the significance of the proposal.

Think designing a custom engagement ring is the right fit for you? Make an appointment today to meet with one of our expert designers!

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