Why You Should Consider Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Author Long's Jewelers
Date May 7, 2015

Let's face it, if you're a hopeful bride-to-be you've probably spent some time browsing through engagement rings. Browsing pictures of rings can be fun, but it can also make it difficult to any spend time learning about the benefits that certain rings offer.

It's easy to be so focused on how pretty a ring looks that you overlook some important features, like how the setting will fit your budget or the level of security it offers your center stone in the long term.

We're here to slow everything down and focus on some of the benefits you can get from one of our favorite and most popular ring styles: the diamond halo.

Diamond halo engagement rings are one of 2015's hottest engagement ring trends. So, give the browsing a break and explore what this popular design really has to offer:

They give your ring the most "sparkle" for your buck

Everyone loves a ring that sparkles, and a diamond halo ring will ensure that you get the most brilliance for your buck. In addition to the scintillation of the larger center diamond, a halo ring has the added benefit of many smaller, surrounding diamonds to give the ring even more fire and life. When viewing a halo ring, you will notice vivid flashes of deeper color coming from the center stone surrounded by a halo of brighter white light from the smaller diamonds. Together they provide a beautiful brilliance without costing you a fortune.

They take up more surface area on your finger, giving the ring more volume

When it comes to engagement rings, budget can sometimes get in the way of ring you truly want. The reason larger diamonds cost so much is because as a diamond gets larger, the value of the stone increases exponentially. This is because diamond prices are based on how rare the stone is, and as stones get larger, they are much more rare and therefore significantly more expensive.

Buying a diamond halo ring is a great way to get a ring with a lot of carat weight without having to pay the premium for a larger, more rare diamond. You can get a smaller center stone and add smaller diamonds around that stone in a halo to get the same "look" as a big diamond without the price tag. This is one of the many reasons why women love this style! A halo engagement ring will look full on your finger and take up more surface area than just having a solitaire with the same center stone. It's one of our favorite ways to make your engagement ring look bigger without the hefty price tag.

Any type of diamond can be set in a diamond halo

When you picture a halo, you probably imagine it being a perfectly round circle. Well in the engagement ring world, this doesn't always have to be the case. Diamond halo engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes so that you can mount whatever stone you would like. You can always mount the traditional brilliant round diamond, or change things up with a fancy shaped diamond. Fancy cut diamonds such as a princess, oval, marquise, asscher, etc. are a great way to make your ring unique and can all be incorporated into a halo setting.

You can get a modern look that is sure to become a classic

Although the diamond halo design has been around since the Victorian age, it has only recently become a widely popular engagement ring. In the past couple of years, this easily distinguishable design has spread like wild fire, and can now be found in almost every jewelry store across the country.

From the most affordable settings, to the lavish diamond halos of celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, this trend has won the hearts of shoppers with every type of budget. It's safe to say that the halo design has become a staple in our generation's engagement ring designs, and in the future this modern trend will be regarded as a true classic.

They provide protection for your center stone

Many people believe that because the diamond is the hardest material on earth, it can't be damaged. Sadly this isn't the case, and like any other gemstones, diamonds can be scratched or even chipped if they are hit hard enough. When this happens, the only way to repair the stone is by re-cutting it, which results in a smaller diamond.

A traditional solitaire ring only protects the parts of your diamond that are covered by a prong setting. Usually there are 4 or 6 metals prongs in a solitaire that hold the diamond in place. This leaves the majority of your diamond exposed and at risk of being damaged. A diamond halo engagement ring offers your center stone protection by using the ring of accent diamonds as a buffer from potentially harmful objects that you might bump up against the sides of the stone.

In a worst case scenario, these accent diamonds will take the damage that could have been done to your center stone. It may seem counter intuitive to protect a diamond with more diamonds, but trust me you'll be glad when you're only paying to replace a small accent stone.

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