A Long's Proposal Story: Chris and Katie

Author The Diamond Team at Long's
Date Feb 15, 2021

A Long's Proposal StoryThe story of Chris and Katie, as told by Chris:

“Back in December 2011, Katie received a waiver to run the 2012 Boston Marathon. Shortly thereafter I decided that would be the day I would propose. I wanted something memorable that you do not hear about every day. I picked up the ring two weeks before the race and hid it in a good hiding spot that she will never know about! On the day of the race, I was indecisive about where to give her the ring, at the finish line with the crowd or back at the hotel when it was just the two of us. What made it worse was the fact that the record-breaking temperature was close to 90 degrees. It had turned out to be one of the most brutal marathons to take place in the city of Boston. I kept thinking by the time she finished 26.2 miles she’s going to be exhausted. What if I give her a heart attack? I brought the ring with me and figured I would know when the time was right. Needless to say the rest of the day I was on edge.

As Katie got close to the finish line, about mile 24 to be exact, I decided the finish line would be the best place. We both love the city and I thought it would be great to get engaged right in the middle of the streets of Boston. Once I saw Katie running toward the finish, I jumped in and ran the last few tenths of a mile with her. A little past the finish line, I told her I bought a Boston Marathon runner’s jacket for her and asked if she wanted it. Of course she wanted it! As she was putting it on, I told her I had a little medal of my own to give her. I got down on one knee, held out the ring box and asked her to marry me right there on Boylston Street in front of her family and a very interested onlooker. After Katie said yes, we learned that the bystander happened to be the owner and CEO of Long’s Jewelers. He recognized the box in my hand and had stopped to congratulate us. We were all amazed at the coincidence of the day’s events. As a result, the Boston Marathon will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Congratulations to Chris and Katie, we wish you all the best with your wedding!

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