How To Care For Your Diamond Ring

Author Long's Diamond Team
Date Feb 15, 2021

How to Care for your Diamond RingWe often say that diamond rings are a little like nice cars… they require periodic maintenance and repairs to keep looking like new.

Here are the steps that we recommend to keep your diamond ring performing great and looking like the day it was given to you.

Clean it often!

All the soaps and hand creams we use daily builds up a residue on your diamonds and keeps them from shining, so clean your ring once per week at home. Use a soft toothbrush and a jewelry cleaning solution, then rinse in water to bring back the shine.

But the best thing you can do is bring your ring back to your jeweler so they can use their professional cleaning tools. An ultrasonic bath and a steam cleaning make your diamond shine like new! Your jeweler should never charge you for this service and you should be able to bring the ring in at least once a month or as often as you’d like.

Get the prongs checked once per month.

As we wear our rings, the prongs that hold the diamond in place can sometimes get loose or weaken over time. Have a professional jeweler check to make sure your diamond is still safe and secure to prevent any problems. It’s easy and very affordable to have the prongs tightened if they become loose. The same goes for any accent diamonds in your ring, which typically don’t have as much metal work securing the diamonds and need to be checked periodically.

Maintenance repairs are sometimes needed.

Some people love the look of a well worn ring because the scratches tell the story of their life together. But sometimes you want the ring to look new again and that requires some small work, such as re-polishing the rings to bring back the original shine, re-tipping the prongs to ensure your diamond is totally secure, replacing any lost accent stones and, if the ring is white gold, rhodium plating the ring again to bring it back to white. Typically, you should be able to go several years without needing these types of repairs and even less often if your ring made from durable platinum.

Get your ring insured.

Occasionally people lose or accidentally destroy their rings beyond the point of repair. There’s no way to 100% replace your original engagement ring but insurance helps to put a similar looking ring back on your finger. We strongly recommend having your ring appraised every 5 to 10 years to insure your insurance appraisal is up to date and reflects the value of replacing your ring.

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