Yellow Gold Is Back! 7 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings We Love

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Jan 22, 2017

Yellow Gold Is Back! 7 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings We Love

Yellow gold may have a reputation for being out dated and old fashioned, but that's all changing because it's back and in high demand! This is a trend we're really excited to see. "What goes around comes around" really rings true with this classic metal that used to be hugely popular. Fashion experts everywhere are predicting this trend is here to stay for a while.

We have been seeing yellow gold everywhere, and more and more engagement ring designers are incorporating this classic metal into their collections. The use of yellow gold in engagement rings is an easy way to bring something unique to an otherwise classic design.

If you're in the market for a modern take on an old classic, take a look at the yellow gold engagement rings we're loving right now:

1. Ritani Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring with Surprise Diamonds

Ritai solitaire diamond engagement ring with surprise diamonds

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From first glance, this just looks like any other classic solitaire ring; but this beauty has a little more to offer. If you look close enough, you will see that this ring has surprise diamonds around the setting. These smaller diamonds are hidden from plain view and can only be seen in certain angles. The use of the yellow gold really makes the center diamond pop. Between having a yellow gold band and adding surprise diamonds, Ritani turned what is usually a classic, simple ring to something more unique.

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2. A. Jaffe 18K Yellow Gold Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring

a.jaffe 18k yellow gold twisted diamond engagement ring

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Classic with a twist! If you love traditional rings that will stay in style forever, this could be the ring for you. With this ring by A.Jaffe, you get a classic look which is also updated with modern details. Twisted bands are one of the most popular trends right now for both engagement and wedding rings.

We love how on this particular twisted band there are only diamonds on only one of the twists. This gives just enough extra sparkle without loosing the simple aspect. When wearing this ring you not only have something timeless, but also look fashion forward by incorporating yellow gold and a twisted band.

3. Sylvie Classic Petite Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

sylvie classic petitie round brilliant diamond engagement ring

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We have said many times how halos are the new classic ring that every girl loves, and we don't see this popular style going anywhere. This gorgeous ring by Sylvie features a round center stone diamond, which is one of the top selling styles. The diamond halo around the center diamond gives the ring more volume and makes the diamond look larger in size. By having this ring set in yellow gold you get a great contrast between the diamonds and the metal. This is a great ring choice for someone who loves halos, but isn't afraid to be a little more bold.

4. 18K Yellow Gold Graduated Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

18k yellow gold graduated channel set diamond engagement ring

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If you are someone who is constantly hard on their hands, such as a teacher or nurse, this is a ring you should totally look into. This is largely due to the ring's channel set design. As you can see above, there are two sides of metal that are holding the row of diamonds side by side without any metal separating each stone. The diamonds are protected in the channel setting which protects them from getting any blemishes. By having this ring set in the yellow gold, you give a modern look to a style that has been around for a while.

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5. A.Jaffe 18K Yellow Gold Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

a.jaffe 18k yellow gold four prong diamond engagement ring

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Want a ring where the center stone is the main focus? This A.Jaffe engagement ring will give you that, plus a little extra. This ring may be simple, but it is also stunning with diamonds wrapping around both sides of the yellow gold band. You get a little extra bling on the band but can still make the center stone the center of attention. The use of yellow gold with the diamonds shows sophistication and is the perfect ring for someone with classic and feminine style.

6. Ritani Grecian Leaf Diamond Band Engagement Ring

Ritani grecian leaf diamond band engagement ring

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Leaf motifs are a great way to make your ring more unique and stand out without going overboard. The detailing on this Ritani ring is so beautiful. The leaf motif design could have been enough, but by adding some diamond accents it makes the ring truly one-of-a-kind. Being set in yellow gold makes the side diamond accents more eye catching. This is a go to ring for a girl with laid back BOHO style!

7. 18K Yellow Gold & Platinum Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

18k yellow gold & platinum three stone diamond engagement ring

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Three stone engagement rings are a perfect choice for a girl that likes a lot of sparkle. This particular three stone features round cut diamonds, but one of the advantages to this style is you can really use any diamonds you prefer. The traditional route of this ring would to have three diamonds in a row all the same size; but a modern approach is to have the center stone larger than the sides or to use a unique diamond shape in the center. A three stone ring is a traditional ring, but in today's world there are endless options to make it different. Having the ring set in yellow gold pulls the whole modern look together.

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