7 Of Our Favorite Engagement Ring Upgrades

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 15, 2021

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Your engagement ring is probably one of your most prized possessions as it holds so many sentimental emotions and memories. It is the symbol of your devotion and commitment to your marriage and significant other. But sometimes, after years of wearing the same ring, you may start to consider resetting your original engagement ring for something new.

The possibilities are endless when upgrading your engagement ring and in many cases, this is a way for you to finally pick out the ring setting or style you've always dreamed of. You can reset your plain solitaire diamond ring to something with a little more sparkle, change the center stone shape, or even trade in your original ring for an entirely new one!

Here are 7 of our favorite ways to reset your engagement ring. There really is a reset style for everyone.

Add Some Glamour to Your Ring

Glamour Ring

Rings featured: Jack Kelege Platinum Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Graduated Baguette Diamond Band

Resetting your ring is the perfect opportunity to get the glamorous, sparkly ring you've always wanted. Many times when couples first get engaged they cannot afford a large center diamond or a setting with many diamonds but as your relationship progresses and you achieve more in life, you may be able to finally afford the ring of your dreams. This new ring can represent how far you have come as a couple and celebrate your successes. Resetting to a halo or a more diamond intensive band will give your ring a new 'wow' factor!

Add Some Sparkle to Your Plain Band

Pave setting


Rings featured: Mark Patterson Platinum Pave Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you love your solitaire ring and still want a clean, classic look but with a little more sparkle, consider changing your current setting to one with pave diamonds. Pave diamonds have the appearance of being 'paved' together so you see little to no metal. This is an easy way to get the new look you want while still keeping the focus on your center diamond.

Add A Pop Of Color

Adding Colored Gemstones

Ring featured: Sylvie 18K Gold Three Stone Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Looking for a more personal & unique way to reset your ring? Adding colored stones may be your best bet. Colored stones can be used to represent a special milestone or the births of children. Maybe you just love a certain color and want to show it off next to your center diamond. Either way, this is a perfect way to reset your ring and show off your personal style and story.

Add a Vintage Touch

Vintage Inspired

Ring featured: Sylvie Vintage Round Brilliant Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If you appreciate unique and intricate details from the past, you should consider resetting with a vintage inspired ring. Choosing a vintage inspired setting is a great way to get a brand new look while still choosing a style that will stand the test of time. One of our favorite designers for vintage inspired engagement rings is designer Sylvie. Her styles are the perfect mix of modern meets vintage with details that are sure to make your ring unique.

Add Side Stones

Side Diamonds


Ring featured: JB Star Graduated Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring-Contact For Details

This is a great option for those who want to achieve a bigger look. You can keep your original center stone and add any number of side stones. The best part is you can choose the style you like best to complement your center stone. From small to large stones or even a completely different shape stone, this is a great way to get some extra sparkle and have your center stone pop even more than before. You'll be sparkling from any angle!

Trade In Your Ring for a Diamond Band

Upgradding To A Band

Ring featured: Memoire Platinum Petite Prong Five Stone Diamond Band 2.00CTW

As time goes on it is totally normal for tastes to change. Maybe your engagement ring no longer fits your personal style. A great option for the woman who wants something completely different and new is to trade in her original engagement ring for a diamond band. A diamond band is a stylish, classic way to display your commitment. There is a diamond band sure to fit any style with an infinite selection of setting styles, stone shapes and stone sizes. You can even choose to stack a few different bands if that is more your style!

Switch to a New Center Stone Shape

resize 1.jpg

Ring featured: Sylvie Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When you first got your engagement ring you absolutely loved your round or princess cut diamond. Now years have gone by and you are dreaming of a more unique center stone shape such as an emerald or asscher cut diamond. Resetting your ring is the perfect opportunity to trade in your existing diamond for the shape you really want.

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