What Is The 5th C of Loose Diamonds?

Author Long's Diamond Team
Date Feb 15, 2021
What is the 5th C of Loose Diamonds

You might have heard a few things about the "four Cs" of loose diamonds. Cut, clarity, color, and carat are all important factors in determining the price and quality of a loose diamond.

But, while the four Cs give you a basic understanding of diamonds, they can really oversimplify everything involved with assessing a loose diamond.

So what is our definition of the fifth C in the equation? It's certainty.


The 4Cs act like a compass pointing you in the right direction rather than a map leading you to the right diamond. We believe that the only way to be certain in the process is to get an education that includes learning how to trust your eyes.

Remember, she won’t be wearing a diamond certificate on her finger. She’ll be wearing a beautiful diamond ring, and you should be certain that its the right ring for her with a diamond that is perfect on her hand. Educating yourself in diamonds will help you purchase smart and find something within your budget.

Be wary of jewelers who concentrate only on the basics or spend more time talking about statistics, instead of looking at the diamonds themselves. If you visit any of our stores, we teach you to evaluate diamonds on a deeper level so you can be certain that you’ve made the right decision. And most importantly, there would never be any rush to buy. You should always be able to take as much time as you need to ask questions and be certain that it really is the perfect ring and diamond.

Before you visit a store in person, here's a list of some helpful online resources you can read:

Think you're "certain" enough to visit a store at this point?

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