How Much Does A 2 Carat Ring Cost?

Author Brianna Walsh
Date Feb 7, 2017

How Much Does A Two Carat Ring Cost?

Has she hinted at the possibility of wanting a two carat engagement ring? Right now, two carat diamonds are the envy of any bride-to-be with celebrities and Instagrammers everywhere showing off their 2+ carat rocks. Two carat rings are both popular and beautiful...but with that comes at a price.

To the average person, most would assume that there is not huge price difference between a 1 carat and 2 carat diamond; but the price difference can actually be very significant. Two carat diamonds are usually known as the "statement diamond." The remarkable size will turn heads, and the woman wearing it will love showing it off to all her family and friends.

So how much exactly is this going to cost you? Two carat diamonds can cost anywhere from $8,000- $50,000. We know, it's a huge price range all for the same carat weight stone! Before you go into sticker shock, keep reading to find out how that range is determined and also how you can still get her a ring that is still beautiful at a fraction of the price.

First, let's start by explaining what goes into a diamond's price

Before jumping right in to the cost of a two carat stone, we need to clarify a few things first. To begin, one of the largest factors that contributes to the price of a diamond is something the majority of us have all heard of, the Four C's. The diamond's clarity, cut, color and carat weight all have a large influence on the final price of the stone.

Diamond Cut: Has a very big impact on your diamond's true beauty. The cut refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond that will reflect light back to your eye in a certain way. If the diamond has a good cut, the light will enter the diamond and create a brilliant sparkle.

Diamond Clarity: This represents the amount of inherent characteristics in the diamond. The characteristics are based off of inclusions which are inside the diamond and blemishes which are outside the diamond. Diamonds that are more clear and free of imperfections will cost a lot more.

Diamond Color: In some diamonds, there can be yellow or brown tints that can be seen which represent the diamond's color. A diamond that is colorless and close to pure white will be extremely valuable and more expensive.

Carat Weight: The larger you go in carat size, the more you will spend. This is largely due to the rarity of stones as they get larger. It is much harder to find good quality diamonds that are larger then it is to find smaller ones.

If you go to a reputable jeweler, each of their diamonds will be graded and assessed by independent grading labs like the GIA or AGS. Other factors are also looked at, like a stone's overall beauty, symmetry, fluorescence, etc. But the Four C's will always play the largest role in the final price. They also are the reason why we can't just give you one answer about how much a two carat ring will cost, because it varies quite a bit depending on the quality of that stone.

Now, how does this help you understand a two carat ring's cost?

Now that you know a little bit more about the Four C's and what goes into a diamond, you probably have a better understanding on why prices can vary. But let's take a closer look at just a two carat ring's cost. It's impossible for us to give you an exact amount of how much a two carat stone will cost you, with no two diamonds being the same.

A two carat diamond ranges anywhere from $8,000-$50,000 based largely on the quality and rarity of that particular stone. If you choose a two carat diamond that has perfect cut, is as close to colorless and flawless as you can get, then you can expect to pay top dollar for that stone. If you go for a diamond that has a few obvious flaws and a slight yellow-ish tint, then the price will drop down to the lower half of that range.

We've found that if you want a good quality two carat ROUND (the most popular shape) stone, you should be prepared to spend at least $10,000 to $12,000 minimum. Most reputable jewelers will not sell two carat stones below that price range simply because they would never sell diamonds that weren't beautiful.

If you want to learn more about how the Four C's affect diamond pricing, take a look at our diamond calculator >>

How to still get her an amazing ring regardless of budget

If she has expressed to you on multiple occasions that she wants a two carat diamond in her ring, and it fits into your budget, great. But if you are realizing it's way over than what you you were planning on spending, not to worry. There are other options. There are plenty of ways to achieve the 2 carat ring look without having to spend your whole savings. And we promise she'll still love it!

The first and most popular option we always suggest to our clients is a diamond halo style ring. A diamond halo is known to always give the illusion a big diamond look. This is achieved by using smaller diamonds around the center stone so that the combination of diamonds gives the appearance of a much larger diamond. This look is not only trendy, but it's extremely popular for this reason.

You can also opt for a three stone style ring. Three stone rings feature a larger center diamond and two smaller diamonds on either side. This row of diamonds on the ring creates that same "big diamond" look without having to spend a fortune on a singular two carat stone. If she has her heart set on having two carats of diamonds, you can easily choose three stones that add up to that total carat weight.

Want to really understand how much a two carat diamond might cost you? Visit the Long's diamond calculator to learn more!

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