A Long's Proposal Story: Rachel & Ben

Author Long's Staff
Date Feb 15, 2021

Celebrating love in the time of quarantine! Read on to see how Ben surprised Rachel with her beautiful, new ring while in lock down. On behalf of the entire Long's team, congratulations and best of luck.

How did the two of you meet?

"We met on Bumble. I was on and off it for years with no luck. Rachel was on it for five days... and I finally lucked out! The first time we met face-to-face without technology getting in the way was at a wine bar on the Upper East Side. It was the best date I've ever had."

How did you propose?

"I originally planned on asking Rachel during her 30th birthday, but then COVID-19 happened. I debated with myself if this were the right time. Then I talked to some family members, and I debated some more. In the end, I thought, 'No, let's get engaged!'

The only problem was, I hadn't picked out a ring yet. I reached out to Judd, who's a great friend of my family (Thanks again, Judd!), and within days I was nervously holding the diamond ring I'd use to ask Rachel to be my wife.

The actual question didn't happen until a few days later. It was Saturday and a beautiful spring Saturday at that. The air was crisp. The sky was blue. It was a perfect day. We went for our daily walk around the neighborhood (we've been doing a lot of walks since COVID), and by the time we got back, it was almost lunch. Rachel wanted to make some food, but I convinced her to walk down to the water with me instead.

We got down to a rocky section of beach, and both of us were kind of squatting on the ground. It was then that I fully got down on one knee, and reached into my pocket to find the ring. I started to giggle nervously, then I started to cry. Finally, I showed her the ring and asked if she would marry me. She then also started to cry, and said, 'Yes, of course!'"

Rachel-Ben Rachel-Ben-ring

Tell us about the engagement ring!

"It is a solitaire ring. Elegant, yet simple."

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